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  1. do you think they will represent themeselves at the hearing?
  2. No papers served to me or to the court, I emailed the court and they confirmed that the Judge will decide at the hearing if they can use any papers not served upon me or the court as per the court/judge guidelines, but will put a copy of my email and that I will have to let the judge know that I havnt been served any papers. Seems a bit odd that they can still proceed with their claim even after not complying with the courts direction. Will see on Thursday.
  3. I am posting to Howard Cohen today, and delivering by hand to the court tomorrow
  4. Court date 4th August so I calculate 21st July (Thursday)
  5. Thanks Andy, will send it today, with all other papers. I still have not had anything from Howard Cohen or Hoist.
  6. Is this ok for the witness statement, appreciate I have to head it with case name and claim number. 1.The claim as pleaded does not contain sufficient particulars to permit me to file a properly particularised and pleaded defence. 2. I have made a section 78 request to the claimant on 14 March 2016 and the claimant has failed to respond to this request. 3. I have made a request for disclosure to the claimant persuant to Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules on 14 March 2016, for me to properly respond to the claim, and the claimant has failed to respond to this request.
  7. Ok so send a copy of the witness statement to Howard Cohen, and the rest of documents inc witness statement to the court. I will tweak the witness statement as best i can and repost Cheers
  8. what is the disclosure? is this the witness statement and defence document?
  9. Have received court date 4th August 2016, allocation to the small claims track. I need to prepare a witness statement, would the statement in #23 be ok? I have been looking in case successes but cant find any! Cheers
  10. Thanks dx, have replied to the mediation service suggesting that it is not suitable as I have had no reply/ paperwork as evidence of the claim
  11. Have received a mediation letter and am required to answer yes to all 3 questions, re suitability. I can answer yes to 2 of them but not sure about this one as i have not had any replies to my CCA request to Hoist and CPR31.14 request to Howard Cohen. "I can confirm that I have enough information about the claim to allow me to enter into negotiations and that I do not require any further evidence from the other party before the appointment" Should I reply to the mediator and suggest the case is not suitable for mediation?
  12. I have already done this the Claim Form was issued 01/03/16, filed my defence 01/04/16, had acknowledgement from court re defence dated 01/04/16, so what do I need to do now, if anything?
  13. Have received letter from the court acknowledging receipt of defence, yesterday received letter from Howard Cohen dated 05/05/2016 (the defence was filed 01/04/16, and thay recieved my request 17/03/16, which looks like a standard letter) acknowledging receipt of my` letter dated made under CPR31.14 for documentaion mentioned in ou Particulars of Claim. We are currently in the process of retrieving the documents requested. Therefore please accept this letter as our agreement to a general extension of time. Once we have provided you with the documents requested
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