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  1. are they writing to your present address

    and you have at some point replied?



    so they know your correct address and cant try a backdoor CCJ?

    to an old address?

    check that loophole is closed

    then relax.





    Yes they now know my current address, which is the original debt address,. But nobody has wtitten or corrisponded to my current address for a least 3 or more years

  2. Have they sent anything via letter yet. Cos all they've done is email an email address they had no idea that's in use. They sent a threatogram and you responded. I'd be inclined to ignore unless you get an actual letter that says they WILL do something, or a lba.


    Yes i did get a letter saying they have bought the said debt from cabot and now they are the owners of the debt


    I responded by email so they emailed back after i got their initail letter

  3. Hi and welcome to cag,


    so you moved to kent and left an outstanding sky bill of £120 from 19/1/11 and moved back to current address recently.


    The fact you were emailed means yr address is irrelevant at this point, yr email address remained the same i presume and can be contacted from anywhere you choose to live.


    So, about this outstanding amount due to sky. Can you explain the circumstances surrounding this part please?


    Hi when i was living with my wife in 2002 i must have got sky out in my name.. IN 2007 i left the marital home, but she continued to have sky in my name until 2011. Which was the last payment made by her to sky.. since 2011 she has changed to talktalk. Which is in her name.


    So is it my fault for not cancelling sky before i left, ?


    And this is the first time i have heard from any debt agency

  4. Hi I have just moved back into cheshire 14 months ago


    In fact i have moved back to the same address I lived at before moving Out of the county INTO Kent..


    i have received an email from ADVANTIS stating i owe them £120 for an outstanding debt

    which belonged to sky entertainment LTD..


    I explained to them via email that the missed payment 19.01.2011 i was living in kent,


    i have documents showing that i was joint tennant of a council flat,

    i also have papers showing all our rent payments

    i have document showing i have just signed a joint tennacy back where i was

    Prior to me uping stakes and moving on...


    Hope this is clear so far?

    Advantis got back to me saying


    Please contact us with regard to repayments if you wish to discuss this matter please phone our Very helpful team,

    if you wish to dispute forward any relevant documentation.


    The account has been put on hold for 14 days.


    Any advice please,



    i get the feeling they dont give a monkey's as long as they get money

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