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  1. Who decides what is "inflammatory/derogatory"? You? Random Cag Admin? I remember when it was "inflammatory" to say that the earth was round.
  2. Hi, can I just ask CAG admin who edited my post? That's a bit weird isn't it to do that? I mean to take people's words and edit them to change the meaning? Is this site some sort of Soviet newspaper? Frankly, I find it quite frightening that a poster's words can be edited to suit a random admin's agenda. I'd expect this if I was posting on something like Daily Mail, but not on a site like CAG which seems to be so painfully Left Wing? What's the reason? Can someone let me know please. It's actually unreasonably irritated me. (PS, Admin - please have the decency to answer me in-thread rather than sending me a PM to tell me why, as I think any new poster has a right to see the kind of people allowed to be in charge of a site like this). Thanks.
  3. I worked for Ingeus 4 years ago. I googled them and this was one of the sites that came up. So I've joined just to say I agree with the last post by trebormoinet. Ingeus' business model was screwed from the getgo. Despite the impossible targets I was given, everyone who came before me fit real easy into one of three categories - (bearing in mind they only got referred to Ingeus after having had 12 months to sort themselves out and find a job) Category 1: Too insane to ever seriously expect to work or be necessary to normal society. Category 2: Those genuine poor sods over 50yrs old whose industry died and really REALLY want to work because their whole self-respect was defined by getting up in the morning and earning a pay packet to support their family and feel they had a stake/status in society, but never stand a chance of work again. Life sure isn't fair. I'm glad Ingeus is probably going tits up. But you can't blame all us advisers .
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