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  1. You will of course need to state your complaint which is slightly different to mine. I would send the LBA. Under the Civil Procedures Rules which can be found here [not allowed to post link as have insufficient posts] but is on the justice dot gov dot uk site you will see that there is a general protocol and then specific ones for more 'specialist' causes of action. Under the general protocol "Steps before issuing a claim at court" 6. Where there is a relevant pre-action protocol, the parties should comply with that protocol before commencing proceedings. Where there is no relevant
  2. Vodafone [ ] Vodafone House [ ] The Connection [ ] Newbury [ ] Berks RG14 2FN [
  3. Vodafone have now resolved this. Having asked for an SAR I was phoned up by Vodafone (Friday 18th March) who wished me to go through security before they could action the SAR. I was then asked if it was because of a complaint - I explained the situation as per my post above. I also said that Vodafone had failed to respond to my complaint made verbally over the phone to a rep (name, time and date of call provided). I also explained that I had sent a 'letter before action' explaining the steps Vodafone needed to take before legal proceedings would be initiated by me against them. Caus
  4. I have been a Vodafone customer since 2003. Back in September 2015 I asked Vodafone to change my direct debit to another account (apparently they have a record of the request on my account notes). The other day whilst trying to set up new mobile phone account for my 11 year old daughter with another provider my application was turned down following a credit check. I have never had a credit problem so signed up with Equifax to see what was going on It appears Vodafone failed to set up the d/d and consequently my account has been in arrears for several months. At no stage did the
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