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  1. Oh sorry. Missed a response - no there was nothing in the reference documents that mentioned the rent.
  2. Surely in addition to his earlier comment of "keen to move forward", when he says "so I am happy to proceed if you are" that's acceptance? Our response to his question about OK to start referencing is below.... There were no T&C's with the referencing..... in fact, he didn't even say there was a cost until we got an email from the referencing company. I'd disagree that we pulled out as well. We wouldn't have done if he had stuck to what had been agreed initially. Hi Charles, Yes, we are very happy to proceed - thanks. Although it's not ideal for us either as we are
  3. Yes it was.... but I think that's irrelevant. It's common practice for people to offer under the asking price when either renting or buying property. I believe the email trail I have shown above is clear that he accepted the offer. We offered less because the property did not match up with the advert. For example it said two double bedrooms and luxury bathroom, when there was only one double bedroom and the bathroom was far from luxury. I think the real question is will the court agree with me from the emails I have shown on here that he accepted the offer.
  4. Hi and thanks for your response. I think in subsequent emails it's clear that he has accepted (see below), I can't see how it can be taken in any other way. Especially when he says "I would be happy to offer you the flat" and in the last email in the chain below "I am happy to proceed if you are" ============================================================================================================ Hi Emily, Thanks for sending these back, I haven't had chance to look yet as I am replying from my phone but I will look later. Is there anyway you would be able to move in
  5. Hi everyone..... I have recently got into a dispute with a landlord regarding the return of fees paid for referencing checks. I am about to file a small claims submission, but first I'd appreciate any advice/comments. Basically what happened was put in an offer for a flat that he owns, and we believe he had accepted the offer (see email chain below). However when the tenancy agreement came through it was a higher amount than we agreed. I contacted him and he said he never accepted our offer, and the price is fixed. We therefore decided not to move ahead with going for the flat becaus
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