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  1. Hello

    I would like to get some advice please.


    Me and my partner are both are on IVA and on year 2.


    2.5 years ago we decided to rent out a property and our contract expires end of March 2016 ,

    idealy we would like to move out of the flat asap to a house as its small

    and a lot of condensation



    the letting agency advised us of 2 months notice period

    – which was fine (last date 31st April).


    The letting agency found someone to move in end of March (what we originally wanted)

    and asked if we can leave early- which we accepted.


    Now the problem we are having is every property that we express interest seems to go quick

    or the letting agency are awkward in terms of timings for viewings



    another challenge we have is the checks that the lettings do

    me and my partner are on IVA this will flag up and they may require a guarantor,

    which unfortunately we don’t have bcause a lot of our family’s are on benefits and elderly.


    We are looking at private landlords and not a lot are coming by because some are too big or too small.


    Both of us work,

    I work full time and she works part time (no kids),

    combined wage of nearly 30k a year and I fear that by end of March we may become homeless.


    I spoke to SHELTER on Sunday to discuss this and they weren’t as helpful as I thought

    as they kept stating that I should not have accepted the early leave until I found a place,

    but what they couldn’t understand is that I will be in same position by April anyway

    and no landlord would be willing to wait for 2 months,

    so my search for new property would fall in to April anyway.


    Because I have got factors which I got no control over, where do I stand.


    I guess im looking for someone to offer me advise to speak to Council maybe?


    Please help

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