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  1. I've just checked my documents. My drivers licence has my current address - so this must have been updated when I called the DVLA. My V5 has my old address - which I now know I need to send off to be changed. I think you are right. DVLA has separate departments and don't share the information. It is strange though that returning the V5 was never mentioned to me - despite me phoning and sending letters. Yes, it may help my case - prove that I was not trying to hide - but on the other hand I assume it is my responsibility to return the V5 form instead of sending them a change of ad
  2. Actually, DVLA had my licence at the time of the move. I have to renew it every 3 years and it was with them at the time. Come to think of it, I think my licence has my correct (new) address on it. Does SAR provide call logs? Thanks for your help..
  3. No, I didn't realise I needed to. In fact, in all my conversations and correspondence with DVLA - no one has mentioned that I need to do so.
  4. Hello, I moved house over a year ago and told DVLA about my change of address twice - by letter and by phone callicon. At the time my licence was being renewed. They returned this to my old address and the current owner hand delivered it to me. Again, I phoned DVLA with my new address. Since then I have had a letter from Advantis about an issue with DVLA. I ignoredicon the first one as it looked like a [problem]ming email asking me to call a premium number. They sent me a 2nd letter with more information - i.e. I had not paid renewed my tax disc for 6 months. I checked
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