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  1. Well over a year later and we have heard nothing more. We sent them a letter saying we would look forward to seeing them in court with our store receipts, they went away, complete [problem] do not pay them anything.
  2. Have asked them now for Patch test results but they dont want to give them by all accounts as I haven't heard back from them in over a month. How can give results saying an item is fake when I have store receipts proving they are real.
  3. We asked for an extension of 28 days to seek legal advice and they have granted us 14 days extra. Will update again once we get a response from our reply.
  4. We too have had the dreaded letter demanding £1000 plus share of profits and asking us to sign a large document. We are not selling counterfeit clothing so we have contacted our solicitors who are now on the case. I will post updates for you over the next 2 weeks as my legal team deal with our case.
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