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  1. Oh and yes, MIND were fantastic and Disability rights were amazing too. I know this thread is a bit old, but people are still going through this ridiculous joke "test". Also, the person assesing you, ask them if they are qualified to do that. A lot of concerns about accessing mental health at the moment. A nurse assessed me. NO background at all about my mental health issues! I wouldn't go to a garage and tell them, they are putting the tyres on wrong! In my report the misinformation he told was the catalyst for me. Thankfully the Tribunal looked at my notes properly. Anyone please feel free to ask me anything. I would be more than happy to help.
  2. Forgot to add, the assessor denied everything, and of course they took his side. Always have someone with you at any assessment, and record it if you can.
  3. Please don't give up. I have serious Mental health issues and nerve damage , disc (3) in my neck/back and other problems. I was getting PIP, then had a Atos " assessor" at my door. Never knew he was coming. He was not nice nor understanding. Because of his lies , I was taken off everything and I tried to end my life. I was a complete mess, serious depression, which I would wish on no-one. I contacted my local C.A.B I was overwhelmed with the support and kindness from them. I complained to Atos myself. I could not attend the Tribunal to reinstate my PIP, as I was having terrible panic attacks over it. My C.A.B advisor helped me so much and I won my appeal ( written) and I ended up with the higher PIP rate. My mental state was horrendous at the time, now, I feel so much better. You HAVE to fight them! Look on youtube, type atos. Please, if you need any help or support feel free to ask me anything. I know how you feel, and I PROMISE you, there is light at the end. I wish you the best of luck.
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