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  1. I have drafted my initial letter for the PPI claim but this is assuming I go for the total PPI amount and not take off what we didn't pay through settlement (see comment above). I should probably make it clear that Go Debt who bought the debt from Direct Auto Finance settled for the reduced amount. It was not a direct settlement with DAF who as we know are the ones we claim from. Okay, here's my draft letter, comments welcome: Agreement Reference: Dear Sir/Madam, Our Request We believe we have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy and would like to
  2. Hi all, For whatever reason I can't remember I stopped pursuing GoDebt/Direct Auto Finance but now am pursuing this again and am in a much better situation to do so. The loan is now paid off - we settled with GoDebt for a reduced sum of the remaining of the loan having had the car taken from us a few years ago. I'm pretty sure the PPI was still payable despite the car being taken but as we settled the account with a greatly reduced amount I'm not sure where we stand on getting a refund back for the PPI. The total comes to over £3.5k (with all insurances and interest etc.) s
  3. Oh right, thanks for the advice. I'll restart the DD and re-work the letter to mention ongoing payments.
  4. Many thanks Hellhasnofury, your addidtions to the letter are brilliant and I will amend my letter accordingly. I didn't add the request for the credit agreement because I have our original copies - should I still ask to make them work a little harder? I'm glad you agree with the bit in the letter that we shouldn't be making payments while it's in dispute - we told them we were disputing it and they were very threatening towards us. I will post this tomorrow, first thing - unless anyone else has any comments?
  5. Hi Doo, Long time no post, did you or anyone ever get anywhere with Next? I am re-starting my claim and think I can go straight to the courts for the removal of default given the amount of correspondence last year. Smel
  6. Hi again, I have writen my first letter to Go Debt - can someone give me any feedback? I have highlighted in red parts that are specific to our claim that may need checking. Notice how I have included all Premium Insurances in the letter not just PPI as explained in my first thread. Go Debt Limited The Complaints Department Dumfries House Dumfries Place Cardiff CF10 3ZF 23 February 2008 Dear Sir/Madam, Your Ref: ***** Our Ref: **** We believe we have been mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy and would like to request a full refund of my p
  7. Hi there, I have been successful on reclaiming bank charges and getting Defaults taken off accounts but PPI is a whole new ball game and I need some help. Me and my partner bought a car through Yes Car Credit (YCC) - or Direct Auto Finance - in 2003. We were certainly forced into buying PPI, I know this because I clearly remember saying I didn't want it and the woman told us to get the loan we had to get the PPI. In 2004 the car was taken from our doorstep without even a knock because we had fallen behind in the crippling payments. Ever since we have been making reduced payments
  8. Well done deemacperth, I am about to embark on a similar journey with YCC, am still paying off the PPI (no longer have the car) which was mis-sold to me in 2003! I will follow your success to try and win my money back too.
  9. That's really helpful (rep clicked!) are you able to post the letter templates you used for the ICO and MOTA? Very grateful
  10. Hi Yasmin, Wow you have got far! Thanks for all that info, if you have a thread I'll subscribe and I think I will follow in your footsteps. So Trading Standards didn't suggest going through the court then? Has anyone done this?
  11. Hi Seahorse, Thanks for your comments, I'm very confused. Can you tell me where it says that exactly? I have been deflated by what the Consumer Direct guy told me. I don't know where to go from here. Callcredit and Experian have both said that Next are leaving it there despite me telling them there was no signed agreement and that the copy of their default shows the dates gave me no time to repsond before they issued the default! I'm concerned of taking it to court because I actually don't know my facts on this anymore. Any help?? This is the last default on my a
  12. Wow it's been a long journey but we've almost WON! Cobbetts called my boyfriend yesterday enquiring about the hearing and whether he was going, of course the answer was yes. They said they were prepared to settle and would send the cheque then, they asked would he pull the claim to which he pointed out there was also a default on the account and part of the claim. Cobbetts then said they had already applied to have this taken off (very efficient of them) so he agreed to pull the claim once he'd received the cheque and a letter in writing confirming the default was to be gone. What's
  13. Well we've finally got a date for the prelim hearing! It's next week so quite soon, anyone else on here going? I know it's done in a group with other similar cases so at least we won't be there on our own but how is it all done? Can someone tell me what happens at a prelim and should I take all of the case documentation? Will Natwest turn up, or have they ever in the past? Sorry lots of questions but I've always settled before this point! Thanks for any help
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