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  1. A great deal of time unfortunately; the final response came in November 2014, but I did not raise this to the ombudsman until this year. I was suffering from mental illness in 2014 and was on a mixture of medication. I am still treated now but through counselling and behaviourial therapy rather than drugs. The ombudsman have decided that this is not sufficient grounds to investigate the complaint outside of the limits. I had 6 loans from Payday UK and was attempting to recover interest and charges. I wondered if county court was an option, since the amount of my claim will fall into one of the lower brackets I could afford to make a claim but I didn't want to pay the fee only to have it rejected for some kind of time limit.
  2. Hi, sorry this is regarding PayDay UK - I have not made a thread about them previously.
  3. Hi everyone, Is there a time limit on how long you have to take an organisation to county court once you have received a final response to a complaint? I received a final response in November 2014 and then never took the matter to the ombudsman service. Since I am outside the time limit now the organisation have refused to allow the ombudsman to investigate. I appealed this to the ombudsman jurisdiction team as there were extenuating circumstances, however, this has today been rejected. Does the same limit apply if I wanted to pursue the matter in court? Thanks
  4. Well the adjudicator dealing with my complaint has changed their opinion and has now requested that Sunny remove any charges and interest, and remove any adverse history from my credit report. This will remove a default from experian, and remove late payment notifications from equifax and call credit. This will leave just the loan amount of £400 to be repaid.
  5. It's a mess I have created myself, I was worried about raising any kind of complaint because of the lies I had told on the initial application form. It was only after debt advice that I did, I was told it was extremely unlikely I would be reported or have action taken against me as it would highlight that suitable checks were not being carried out before loans were issued. It is something I am concerned about but so far it has not been mentioned.
  6. Well today has been a day of email tennis with the ombudsman, they initially stood by their decision say: "You’ve said that Elevate didn’t verify any of this information, however Elevate wouldn’t need to and the assumption would be that your answer were true, correct and honest. I can see that Elevate did ask you the necessary questions, as they wouldn’t be able to lend to you without any form of assessment. So while there is some responsibility for Elevate to check this information there is equal responsibility on you to provide accurate information to them. Elevate have confirmed that they did carry out credit checks and did find some adverse information - so they reduced the amount they lent to you. The loan was lent to you because based on the information you provided it was deemed affordable." I said I wanted to appeal this and have been asked to provide my bank statements showing a student account £2000 overdrawn and the details from my credit report. I have sent this but I doubt I'll hear anything further today.
  7. I have appealed it because I believe it is an adjudicator - I received the email around 5:30pm, I called straight away but they had left so I could not discuss it today so emailed my response. That was my first point - I said I worked in a university HR department but actually I am studying HR at a university. If I was asked for a statement or just one wage slip I would not have been able to supply anything. On the income and expenditure I put £0 except for food and transport and nothing was ever queried. My second point was they said they did a credit check but I had 5+ outstanding payday loans, defaults and debts - every report scores very poor. But, I did apply and accept the loan so I am to blame as well. I'll see what the ombudsman come back to me with and if that fails then I will try and negotiate a settlement with the DCA that includes removal from my credit report - I imagine that would be unlikely though.
  8. The ombudsman have investigated my loan from Sunny but have decided that is was not irresponsible lending. Since I lied on the application form (Said I was earning £1250 per month when in fact I was earning £0) it was acceptable for them to have taken that information in good faith. Sunny did perform a credit check - but despite my 11 defaults and unpaid payday loans from 5 other lenders amongst other debts decided I was an acceptable risk for a £400 loan. Will have to try and approach the DCA and see if I can get a full and final settlement that includes the removal of the debt from my credit report.
  9. Could someone have a check and let me know if that is the right spreadsheet and the right way to fill it in? Thanks Vanquis Charges.xls
  10. Vanquis have today written to me detailing the charges. I would be charged £12 for a direct debit failure, this would mean another £12 for a late payment and those two charges would put me over my limit meaning a further £12 charge. This meant each problem I had would cost me £36. Between 29th October 2012 until now I have been charged a total of £360 in charges and that does not include any interest. It is with the ombudsman at the moment but I am prepared to go the county court route - what would I write in the claim? When I work out the interest do I use the APR of the card?
  11. I am not proud of my current financial situation I am raising complaints now, mainly regarding payday lenders. I am in a bit of an awkward situation because I am a full time student, but I put details of my previous full time job on many of the application forms. Citizens advice suggested the fact that this information was not checked is an indication of irresponsible lending but I don't know how the creditors will respond. Safety Net Credit, gave a refund of money I had paid them wrote off the debt and are removing the record from my credit report. MyJar and Sunny rejected my complaints, giving their final response's, so I have escalated them to the ombudsman. I am awaiting final response from Shout, WageDayAdvance, Payday UK, Mr Lender, QuickQuid and Satsuma loans. I am up to date on a Vanquis credit card but I am attempting to recover multiple £12 fees. They rejected my complaint so I've raised that to the ombudsman. I imagine I will have to go to small claims court to recover those though.
  12. My defense was not very professional at all. I disputed the dates they had provided for the debt and advised that I had never received bills etc. I panicked when I received it and just responded - I have lots of debts but I've never had a court notice before. I know that isn't really any kind of defence now I have researched more; afterwards I discovered this site and read a lot more and sent a CCA request to Cabot. I heard nothing after the CCA request and then received the notice of discontinuation today. The debt was £343.40 plus £35 court fees plus £50 solicitors fees - totaling £428.40.
  13. I received a county court claim against me on 07/01/2016, the debt is Capital one, the DCA is Cabot and their solicitors were Mortimer Clarke. I responded to the claim on money claim online, sent a CCA request and wrote my defense within the time limit. Today I have received a notice of discontinuance from Mortimer Clarke solicitors. The letter states that they have been instructed by their client to discontinue proceedings and close their file. Is that the end of it now or can this still be reopened in the future or the debt sold to another DCA?
  14. It appeared in the credit card section on my report as well. They collect data on their customers (victims) spending habits as well using the "read only" access they have to the accounts - they display stats about that on their website - seems very dodgy to me. I wish I had never been as desperate as I was when I signed up to their service.
  15. Although they say it is "read only" access - the refund I have now received was for money they withdrew from my account. I never had a direct debit or standing order, and made them no payment by cheque or card. The only way they got the money was with their access to my online account. That is why I changed all of my passwords.
  16. Yes, totally serious, I took the loan around 3 years ago but they still operate in the same way, the only difference is they were called clear account when I first used their services. The can automatically withdraw and make deposits. I changed my passwords as I was scared they would automatically take any payments I put into my account. I was desperate for the money so gave the information.
  17. Saftey Net credit almost acts like an automatic payday loan. In order to use their service you must give your online banking ID and password. They automatically add money if you balance gets low and take it back when it get higher. This might work for somebody who has their finances in order to help avoid unauthorised overdraft fees. Sadly, I borrowed the full amount and then it would repay when I got paid and I do it again, so it was just a rolling loan facility for me.
  18. Well I have received the final response from safety net credit: £392.00 outstanding will be written off, and the record will be removed from my credit file. They will also refund £237.29 which is the amount I had repaid plus interest. Very pleased with that, and only possible because of all the information that is on this forum, so big thanks
  19. I will apparently have a response within 24 hours from my email I sent yesterday. So within the next 4 hours if that automatic message is to be believed
  20. I will, the only reason I'm attempting to get this one off is that they applied it January 31st so it wouldn't be off until 2022. The other were already on there and will come off much earlier. It's going to be a long time before I have anything resembling a decent score though.
  21. They say they have carried out a full investigation and that carried out all required checks and saw nothing of concern on my call credit, credit report. "As already alluded to, we performed a credit search at the credit reference agency Callcredit and there was nothing to suggest we shouldn’t extend credit." My very low rating, £5000+ debts and 11+ defaults didn't concern them. They go on to say - "Having reviewed your complaint and understanding the situation that you now find yourself in, as gesture of goodwill, we are willing to write off the remaining balance owed of £392.00 in its entirety. This means that repaying the outstanding balance will be waived and the account closed, drawing a conclusion to the matter." As long as they remove the entire entry from my credit report, I will accept this resolution.
  22. I have received an email today from safety net credit, they are prepared to write off the entire outstanding balance. I am going to try and get them to remove the entry from my credit file as well and recover fees etc
  23. Hello, I wondered if I can get your thoughts on this situation. I have had a vanquis credit card for four years. I raised a complaint to them to try and recover some £12 fees. I have received their final written response, as I expected a decline, and I am going to try my luck with the ombudsman service. In their letter it stated: "In addition our default fees have also been assessed by the Financial Ombudsman Service who have confirmed that our £12 default fees are justified." Is this true and am I wasting my time or is that to try and put me off from escalating this further?
  24. No interest is being added, the debt is at £392 and has been at £392 since July 2014. Since they had not chased me and in hadn't changed it was a low priority. I would have liked to avoid a default if I could but that was just added. I can still log in and view the statements.
  25. The is debt is Indigo Michael - Safety Net Credit - Clear account when I set it up. £392.00 Date opened 28/01/2014. I changed my online banking passwords in May 2014 so it has showed on noddle as late payment for a year and a half. A default was applied 31/01/2016 and the account was closed. I have definitely defaulted and had I received notice I cannot afford to pay in full, I was just surprised I didn't receive any notice. I have not actually had any correspondence from them at all which is odd. They have the right address. I am a full time student.
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