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  1. Hi, My Clearscore report has just updated, the only change was one new protective registration has been added to my report, my score had not changed. In the protection section it gives a case ID and my address. It states NOT GRANTED 18th May 2017. Fraud Date: 25th May 2017, Case: Identity Fraud, Supplier: Callcredit PLC. I have no idea what this is about. I have googled it and that led me to the CIFAS website, but their site doesn't appear to have an explanation for what I am seeing on my report. Does anyone know what this is? Can it be seen by creditors if I apply for
  2. The cheque has arrived this morning - the attached letter simply states please find your refund enclosed. I really don't know what would have happened if it had gone to court. All of the information I read from the OFT were guidelines, not actual rules, so would have been totally down to the Judge's interpretation as to whether any of the terms were considered unfair. I might simply have got it because it was cheaper to refund me £204 than to travel and defend the claim.
  3. Below is the link to the article: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/nov/09/virgin-experience-balloon-flight
  4. I did a lot of research into this - although I failed to find a successful court action, and only a few details of a failed case. I did find an article ran in The Guardian in 2015 where the journalist successfully got a refund for the customer and I got a copy of the OFT guidelines for unfair terms in entertainment contracts. I emailed the Journalist and to my surprise not only did they respond but were willing to help me obtain a refund. I sent all of this information to Virgin and they have issued me a cheque refund today.
  5. The reasons for the cancellations were legitimate - once raining, twice higher winds at altitude and on the other occasion it was misty in the morning at the take off location. My argument was unfair terms. I was refused a partial refund less an admin fee and the firm refused the involvement of an ADR firm.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your response. It was 4 times in 2 years. All 4 times were due to weather. Once a flight was cancelled I would have to wait for another to become available in the area my vouchers were valid for and then go through the process of getting time booked off work etc. My 5th flight was booked for March 21st - it was unlikely weather would be good enough in March but if I don't have the vouchers booked for a flight then they expire. I have sent a LBA, but I have not found a previous case. I will get looking into that now.
  7. Hi, I purchased two hot air balloon flights in 2015. Due to weather conditions the flights I booked and subsequently booked were cancelled - this happened 4 times. The person I purchased the tickets for is now pregnant so cannot fly so I have asked for a refund. I have been refused any refund and it is in the t&c's that the vouchers are non refundable. Would I have any chance of success challenging this in county court citing the consumer rights act 2015 - unfair terms in a consumer contract provision? I have paid £204.00 and not received a service. Thanks
  8. My Clearscore report has updated today and I have noticed that a marker is placed if a minimum payment is made on one of my credit cards. Is this information given to banks etc if they perform a credit search and does it have a negative effect on how I am scored?
  9. I hold a Vanquis card and went through a huge process to get my charges refunded, but if it is 2 charges and the first time it has happened a letter of complaint might be all that is needed to get a refund.
  10. Thanks for providing the links, I'll read through those now. I only raised this to HSBC recently so might be a while before I get a response, just had a generic acknowledgement at present. Want to be as prepared as possible for when they send an actual response.
  11. Hi all. Is there a time limit on attempting to reclaim packaged account fees? I was charged for a packaged account with HSBC between November 2008 and December 2010. They continued to charge the fee even when the account went into an unauthorised overdraft and closed due to default in December 2010. I believe I took the account having been told it would mean I could have an overdraft - which I never actually got. It also provided breakdown cover but I do not drive. I do not know what the other benefits were - I was suffering from mental illness at the time.
  12. The ombudsman obtained my statements from 3 different banks - Nationwide, Natwest and HSBC. My complaints were all regarding payday lenders and other credit providers and not the banks themselves. Maybe my circumstances were unusual because so many lenders were involved, but I just gave them permission and they obtained them.
  13. I raised a SAR to Vanquis about two month ago. I was provided with the same limited package of information, although all I wanted was the transaction log so it served my purposes. That arrived after about 4 days but nothing else came through during the 40 day limit. Despite getting the transaction log I still raised a complaint to the ICO, it took over 20 days for them to respond though so that is only just progressing. I wouldn't expect anything else to come from them unless they are instructed to do so.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I have not had a letter from the ombudsman confirming their decision yet; my mother has received a letter from Vodafone today stating they are removing the credit file entries and issuing the £50. They appear to be jumping the gun because nothing has been accepted yet. Does the communication ombudsman follow the same process as the financial ombudsman - i.e. adjudicator investigates first, then appeals can be made to an ombudsman afterwards?
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