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  1. I am currently disputing a case based on the fact I signed a credit agreement not a personal guarantee with Screwfix Direct and there seems to be a lot of people who have went through the same. I was wondering if anyone has won in court against this giant.?
  2. I am exactly the same position, what is it with Screwfix and this ambiguous personal guarantee. The is criminal activity at best.
  3. Hello, I hope someone can advise. I am looking for some assistance. I have just recieved a Small Claims Summons from a large organisation chasing a debt from a Ltd Company I was a Director for the sum of £840.70. The company I was a Director for dissolved in June 2015. I signed a trade account agreement in my name on behalf of the company as I was the Director. The company only had a £750.00 trade limit. It was a trade account but yet the large organisation is chasing me personally now for the debt. I started the business in the hope of success but was not paid by several customers and did not have the monies to chase the debt so closed the company as it was no longer viable and I got a job. Am I liable for this debt and do I have to pay?
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