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  1. 4 years before the property was repossessed it was valued at 580k by an RICS Surveyor and the price was in line with properties in the local area. During that 4 year period the property remained the same and was not altered and did not suffer structurally etc and in the local area for the same type of home increased in value by approx 24%. After the repossession 2 RICS Surveyors were separately instructed by the mortgage company to value the property. They came with very different figures from each other and the original survey 4 years prior at £510k and £450k. But these figures were agai
  2. SAR made to Amber Homeloans concerning a repossessed home. The SAR was sent off with the obligatory £10 and they sent a letter straight away confirming the request was being processed and 4 weeks later I received the SAR – but it was not complete and all information beyond the actual date of the repossession had been retained. A letter was sent to them repeating the request for all information held, and to specifically include details of how the property was marketed and sold and at what price they had sold it for etc. 2 weeks later I rang them and they assured me the request was bein
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