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  1. I haven't sent the letter as yet. The accounts were for different creditors. It seems they have only recently packaged them into 1 new reference number. When I paid the 2 settled accounts they were under their own account numbers, the SAR shows 6 different account numbers. I didn't include the 2 settled accounts within the SB letters. MMF response was saying the 1 overall reference number couldn't be SB as I had paid some of it in 2016. When I paid the settled accounts in 2016 this new overall account number didn't even exist!
  2. Update. I posted out the SB letters last week (recorded) and I also emailed them copies as well. They have responded today saying that the debts are not statute barred as a payment was made on the account in October 2016. In total I had 6 accounts with MMF all under different account numbers, 2 of them are settled, the SAR shows this however it seems as though they have tried to 'wrap up' the 6 accounts under 1 reference number and they are saying that this 1 combined account isn't statute barred. Surely they cannot combine multiple accounts into 1?! I have written a letter stating that the accounts should be listed individually and they should notice that I sent them individual letters for each account number.
  3. I have thought about however I've not explored it at all. MMF caught me at a time when I had a mortgage offer, exchanged contracts on a new build and I awaiting completion date, I didn't want to run the risk so I paid them, in hindsight I should of looked deeper into it.
  4. Well without going into why I got into difficulty in 2011/12, I ended up with various debts for which I did pay back in full including 2 to Motormile, these were included within the SAR. I wasn't actually aware of the ones listed above until recently, I wasn't being chased, the letters they sent for 2 of the accounts above we're sent to a very old address the other 2 they haven't chased.. On the 27th September this year Lantern sent me a chase via email with 1 reference number which covers those 4 accounts, I then sent the SAR and we're now here.
  5. Apologies, those dates are taken from the SAR pack from Lantern. With regards to the payments, I put down 'Payments made/acknowledged - NO' I haven't made any payments or acknowledged any of them, they don't have anything in the SAR that confirms otherwise either. I've attached a snapshot of the SAR form. Thanks
  6. Good Afternoon, I sent a SAR to Lantern (Formally Motormile) on the 28/09/2018 and I have today received the SAR pack back. I'm looking for some advice on what to do next as I feel all these accounts could be statute barred. I would like to give an overview of each account and what the SAR contains to see if anyone can offer some advice on what my next step should be. Account 1 Value £1170 Account Start Date- 15.06.2012 Default Date- 29.06.2012 Payments made/acknowledged - NO Contains CCA - YES Notice of Assignment- NO Account 2 Value £200 Account Start Date- 30.11.2011 Default Date- Unknown Payments made/acknowledged - NO Contains; CCA - YES Notice of Assignment- NO Chase Letters - 2 Account 3 Value £270.10 Account Start Date- 21.06.2012 Default Date- Unknown Payments made/acknowledged - NO Contains; CCA – YES (Not signed by original creditor) Notice of Assignment- NO Chase Letters - 5 Account 4 Value £250.00 Account Start Date- 02.09.2011 Default Date- 07.12.2011 Payments made/acknowledged - NO Contains; CCA – NO Notice of Assignment- NO Chase Letters – NO Statement of Account - YES Other than 2011/2012 I’ve had no other issues and everything has now dropped off my credit files, I’d just like to put this to bed. I would be grateful of any help you may be able to give. Thanks
  7. I have been chased by PRA UK for an old pay day loan debt that was taken out in 2011. I sent them a request for the credit agreement, Statement of account, notice of default and also the notice of assignment. They have sent everything except the notice of assignment and seem to be stalling on it. Where do i stand if they cannot produce it and what would my next move be? Thanks
  8. Update. This default was removed by EE. I emailed Olaf directly and within 2 days it was gone. I have had 2 other successes of getting defaults removed by going to the top.
  9. There was a default placed on my credit file by BT for an old account which was legitimately closed down in August 2014. I sent an email directly to Libby Barr of BT Consumer and the complaint was sent to BT's Executive Level team later that day. BT confirmed straight away that it shouldn't of been there and the account was not closed down correctly on their part and it left an outstanding balance which then defaulted. They also confirmed that there was not any correspondence sent out. BT have sent me an email confirming that the default is going to be removed. Recently we were declined for a mortgage due to this default being registered within 2 years which is a stipulation of the lenders criteria. It wasn't picked up on the decision in principle as they used Experian for the DIP however it was picked up on Equifax for the full application. This has set us back a number of weeks and there is a chance the seller could walk away not to mention the stress it has caused. I'm just after some advice with regards to compensation, do you think I'd have a chance of being offered some and how would you play it? Thanks
  10. Did teh deafult get removed from your credit file or did it stay with a balance of £0?
  11. We've just emailed Olaf. Ive explained that she is not willing to talk about this complaint over the telephone, email or post only. Is this a common occurrence then?
  12. Please could someone offer help on this? My wife has just obtained a copy of her credit report and there is a default on there for £111 from Orange/EE from 2013. At this time she had a contract with Orange which then went to EE. In October 2013 she was offered an upgrade by EE which she accepted. In 2015 she upgraded again with EE. She still has the same account number as the orange account and is still with them. We don't why this default is on there as EE processed the upgrade from Orange and they have never mentioned anything since and they even upgraded her again in 2015! I would of thought they wouldn't have accepted her upgrade if she still owed them money. Is there a EE rep on here to get this sorted somehow?
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