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  1. Hi All, Just a quick question. My partner recently went through a disciplinary at work. (Large retailer) During the process, my partner was not allowed to see any of the evidence at any point. Partner is a union member and the rep said that he could view witness statements, interview notes, etc, but that he could not reveal anything to my partner. Consequently, at the final disciplinary hearing, my partner just had selected "snippets" read out by the store manager and asked to comment on them. There was no indication how many statements there were, or whether evidence from all statements was used. Partner was not dismissed thankfully, but it appears that this is company policy, as other colleagues have experienced exactly the same thing. After reading up on ACAS, there were a number of other questionable things going on during the investigation/disciplinary process, but this seems to me to be a biggie. Just how big is it? Thanks.
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