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  1. HI everyone Thank you all for your input. I received a letter today from " Civil Enforcement Ltd, Horton House,Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3PF TeL: 0115 8225020 " it stated " We refer to recent communications with this office, in respect of the parking contravention enforcement notice. We now confirm that this notice has been cancelled " epic thank you all so much. In a nutshell for anyone else in my position check the date from the alleged offence happening till the date they post. If its over 14 days they are out of
  2. Appreciated all your help, fingers crossed will update thread as It progresses. Regards
  3. Hi Armadillo I will send the letter as you have suggested, will update the thread so people can see the result. This is my first time on the site finding it hard to navigate. When you say amend post 14 as this is the real name, how do I do this as I can not see a edit button. Regards
  4. No the PCN was addressed to what is on the log book which is " XYZ Ltd then my name and addresss. There is no mention of Schedule 4 of the POFA. It just states " We therefore require payment of this Parking Charge Notice, in accordance with the parking terms and conditions clearly stated on the signage. "
  5. I have now read Freeman Law and can not see what on earth it has to do with the above. The harassment act is not connected anyway shape or form with common law. Sorry I am confused ?????
  6. P.s For anyone else in the same position don't forget to keep the stamped address envelope which shows they posted the letter by second class post in my case the 19th February 2016.
  7. Thanks ericsbrother, I will send them this by registered post, will update the thread as things happen so other people can see the end result. Thanks again for your time. Dear Sir/ Madam Please refer to Schedule 4 of the POFA 2012: “ (5) The relevant period for the purposes of sub-paragraph (4) is the period of 14 days beginning with the day after that on which the specified period of parking ended.” Clearly this has not been adhered to therefore your course of action is clearly illegal. I will not respond to any further communication about this matter. However I
  8. Hi guys Thanks for taking the time to help, I have read schedule 4 of the POFA 2012 , The way I read it is they had 14 days to ask me, clearly they were late so all bets are off. I have tried to upload the letter they sent, but I can not see it on this thread. The company was Civil Enforcement, from Liverpool. Their website was e-service.co.uk The car is registered in my business name but also has my name as point of contact on the Log Book
  9. Hi people Can someone confirm if I am correct in thinking that these private parking companies have 14 days from the time of the alleged offence to inform you of the alleged offence if it was by means of cameras. Facts Today 22/2/2016 I received an envelope date stamped the 19-2-2016 with a second class frank stamp on it. Inside was a PCN stating on the 30th January 2016 at 12:43:11 I entered a car park which has free parking for 2.5. It then states I left at 15:42:55. Which meant I had gone over the stated time. The PCN has an issue date of the 19-02-2016. If I am correct
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