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  1. Is it really going to help by ignoring them? I know there's a possibility of them just carrying on and sending it to solicitors, but by ignoring them am I not going to put myself at risk by not complying with the dispute process? I feel like I have more than enough evidence to show the ticket was purchased and reasons why their systems were knackered. I do think I'd be more comfortable disputing the ticket with what I've already written, plus anything else of relevance such as the actual codes of conduct not followed if any?
  2. Alright, thanks. I will await an LBC then. The fact they've continued to pursue after ALD sent them packing suggests I may well see one. I'm genuinely interested as to whether anyone else had the same issue as us and whether they have blanket PCN'd a load of people for their machines being knackered that day.
  3. Sorry, completely skipped the important bit didn't I. 1 Date of the infringement 21/03/2020 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 06/04/2020 3 Date received ALD (lease owners) received 09/04 and advised PCN co to write to me. NTK received @ my address 30/04/2020 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] No (probably because it was outside of the 14 day NTK period) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? ANPR entry and exit 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Not yet Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A 7 Who is the parking company? Smart Parking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Llanberis, Snowdonia For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. POPLA And again to clarify, I have visual proof of payment of a ticket - not the ticket which was discarded as useless, but a bank transaction screenshot to this company.
  4. Here's what I've written so far. I have taken care not to suggest I was the driver, or even there on the day. I have picture proof of a snapshot of the £8.00 day fee being taken from the passenger's bank account. The total time in the car park was about 45 minutes, after all of the messing about with the broken machine and figuring out if the ticket would be valid. It's a lease car so they sent the original NTK to ALD, who kindly let me know I should expect a letter (which arrived this morning). I've been waiting for it for a week or two because (as per the above) the NTK was sent too late - although I understand unless they refer to POFA, that doesn't matter?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I take it then, considering I can't find the company name in companies house, that I'd have to attempt to sue one or both or the inviduals who did the work? I'll be calling 101 to see about the key situation. I've asked for them back a couple of times now and the deadline has passed. I am not intent on allowing two people who have already taken the mick also holding onto key to every single entry point of my property.
  6. Hi, I have an invoice of £625 for the following work which began 22nd April 2019: Install new socket for tv Full re skim of the room Move light switch Fitting ceiling light/fan Remove scorcher and pull up flooring Repair floorboards on the landing Replace Master bedroom door The jobs in bold didn't get done - the agreement was that the room would be skimmed and electric works would be done, then I would get the room decorated, and finally they would return to do the flooring & floorboards, carpet would go down a day later, and the door would be fitted a day after that. Plastering got done ceiling to floor. Shocking job. Decorators wouldn't dare paint the walls until some filling and chipping away was done. Ceiling looks like Rhyll beach. While they were here I added to the job - the radiator was being removed for the skimming and so I decided I wanted to move the radiator to the next wall, this was agreed by them for an additional £80. What this also meant is that the current radiator was left in the shed, and I had no heating in the bedroom for two months. They left on Wednesday 24th April and I paid them the full invoice after verbally agreeing what we'd already agreed - that they would return in a few weeks time to do the rest once the decorating was done. For weeks afterwards I messaged them to ask when they would come back because I had to let the carpet fitter know which day to attend. For every 2/3 messages I sent, I got a barely acceptable reply. I finally demanded they return 17th June so the carpet could go down 18th June. They agreed, and so I told the carpet fitter. 17th June - they don't show up. Don't answer the phone. They do however respond to Facebook message with "I am in hospital". There's two of them, so I ask where the other guy is. "I don't know I can't get hold of him". So at this point, 8/9 weeks of being ignored or fobbed off, this is clearly a lie.. I had to ring the carpet fitter to advise the job might be cancelled. Luckily an emergency advert I put on Facebook was answered and a man came round and did the radiator relocation, part of the floorboard repairs and ripping the floor up for me for quite a sum more than what I'd been quoted by the cowboys. This advert also advised of the shoddy work that had already taken place and advised any potential parties to avoid the company as they had made off without completing the job. The cowboy tradesmen saw this (which will become apparent shortly). When they left in April they also took keys to my house, front and back door, two lockable gates and a smart fob for my alarm. They've known they have had those keys since April. After they didn't attend the final part of the job I demanded the keys be returned to me by Friday and the responses I got by text were shocking. Due to the fact I called them out for the shoddy work and the fact they were blatantly refusing to do the job they quoted for, they said "it could have been resolved but you went to social media". So, their reason for not giving my keys back (or fixing the issues which I'd already chased for 9 weeks and paid someone else to do) was my emergency request to get the work done. So, I'm going to raise a small claim. So far this is what I have considered to include: I estimate the remainder of the job would be £150. The additional sum I had to pay to have the emergency radiator relocation done was +£110 over their quote, so I want to claim that. I need new lock barrels in my gates. Both I believe are £18+shipping+fitting. Probably looking at £70. New front door and back door lock. £140. No clue yet if that includes fitting. What other aspects can be claimed for that are in essence non-material, such as the distress caused by them not turning up prior to the carpet fitting, the downright disrespectful tone via texts, and the fact they have access methods to all parts of my property? What do I need to be careful to include in the claim so it doesn't get thrown out? The company, Scopes Direct, apparently doesn't exist but does have a social media presence. They arrived in a van liveried with "Sparky Barker" and that also has a social media presence. Also, there's a couple of recent reviews on Yell that have just popped up with the same issues as mine - shoddy work, not returning to finish the job. If it's not a company on the companies house website, what am I claiming against?
  7. Thanks for your detailed response T.C. It's all as I suspected then, I am being undercut to satisfy their own cost gains rather than offered a suitable sum for the wide array of issues I had at the time plus the absolute faffing about afterwards. I paid for motor legal cover on top of my insurance. Best £28 I've spent. It's not a claims management firm per sé, it's being dealt with by the solicitors appointed under the legal cover. I didn't actively pursue one of those claims companies as I don't particularly class myself as an ambulance chaser, but the principle of the matter here is that I did get knocked about a fair bit and I did attend hospital after I was hit. I have a physio appointment on Tuesday so I'll see what they say. I already have two pre existing issues, shoulder/neck and knee, so I suspect there may be more to it than just the injuries from the crash.
  8. Thanks all for your replies. Sounds like the best option is to just not use them as there's too many opportunities where they can either go ahead and start the claims process, or attempt to claim a fee. At least in contacting them it did give me the opportunity to go through my account and address information so I do essentially have the list of banks I'll need to get in touch with. Cheeers
  9. Thanks, if I were to hold out there wouldn't be much more based on the injuries I sustained. Probably best taking that plus the expenses I incurred.
  10. Well, that's a lot of SARs to send and I could do with as little faffing about as possible. Remember, I am unlikely to continue with them managing the claim, just getting the information for me.
  11. Hi everyone, I've tried, and failed so many times to put together meaningful documents to send to many banks over my lending past - so I approached The Claims Guys bacause of their offer: They will contact everyone on my behalf to see if I had PPI, and then I can go ahead and claim myself. I haven't yet sent back the paperwork and of course the emails, texts and phonecalls are starting to ramp up. Has anyone used this facility? Is there any persuasive technique someone can apply for me to just go ahead and do all of this myself? I did start, but got stuck on my first bank and just didn't carry on. Cheers
  12. Hi all Three weeks ago I was hit from behind whilst stationery at traffic lights. The driver was doing about 60 in a 40 zone, had been driving in the oncoming lane and upon their return to the proper lane, hadn't given themselves time to brake sufficiently and went straight into my bumper. I did attend hospital on the day, with a blood pressure of 180/107 and some pains forming in my neck, back and hips. Fast forward a couple of weeks and those pains have gone, so have the headaches and the 'confusion'. I am due to see a physiotherapist this coming Monday, but with the 3rd party insurer admitting full liability and to pay all costs without question, they have pre-empted the PI claim and offered £1,700. I've told two people about this and they tell me that's quite a low sum. I imagine it is, but what I would like to know is, what sort of sum should be acceptable? The principle of the matter is that the driver who hit me was driving like an absolute lunatic, and I had to deal with a significant amount of paperwork, phone calls and messing about with hire cars that I obviously wouldnl't have had to do if I hadn't been hit in the first place. Thanks in advance
  13. Okey dokey. I'm assuming the SAR will list the current account I'd opened in 1998 which was closed around 2008; the two or three loans from around 2003-2006, and whether any of them had PPI? The credit card is the easiest one - it's been open over ten years, never missed a payment and is still in use today - albeit the CPI/PPI was cancelled about 10 years ago. I actually looked at the FOS one and to be honest, the forms aren't that dissimilar. I'll nuke the HSBC ones though and do the FOS ones as per your advice.
  14. I've downloaded PPI claim forms direct from the HSBC website. I had a current account, at least two loans and still have a credit card which by now is probably over ten years since being opened. I don't know if I ever had overdraft protection, but the account is long gone. I had two or three loans, all paid off either on, or before their end date, but I don't know whether they had PPI. I know I had credit card PPI - that account is still active and so it's the only one I have the account number for. Generally, all I can say on the form is "I know I had some accounts, but I can't tell you what the account numbers are, and I don't really know what happened back when I was sold PPI". Are there things I should avoid saying so I don't sell myself down the river? One main fact is that I did have pre-existing medical conditions back when these policies were sold, and the one time I ever tried to claim it was refused as I'd not been in the job for long enough. Any help is appreciated. I did do a search but got back too many irrelevant results.
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