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  1. Hi yes,that is the like loan company who pay's for the course for school and I signed that contract for plumbing course. I already got reduced payment but they want me to pay contract amount 135£ Cancellation period is 14 days after signed the contract. thank you for reply..
  2. Hi.. decide to change my and my family life find on the on line plumbing courses/train4tradeskills/where is not need to go everyday to school or after work. I working at nights 44h. .signed that contract and my life become up said down. .my wife decide to get new family. .Ive got 5 kids and all them live with me and all them is my responsibility to get them up. still continue work and paying reduced payments. and after all that my course time is finished and closed. paying for nothing 5675£ Thanks for reply..
  3. Hi.I'm new here and I need help to getting out off train4tradeskills contract and get refund which I have paid please...
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