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  1. Thank you Andyorch. I will definitely intervene, the link doesn't work but I can refer back to my CPR request letter if that will be ok? If they haven't filed anything do I still need to attend?
  2. No but I can do that first thing. They paid the court fee. Is it worth me calling them in the morning? What f they haven't filed anything?
  3. Ok so I've heard nothing from them, no paperwork sent through. Tomorrow is the day!! Any further advice for tomorrow?
  4. Ok thank you, I'll let you know what happens next week. All help really appreciated!
  5. Ok so I called the court and they have paid the hearing fee. Does this mean they intend to show up. So I'll hand deliver the paperwork to the court today and send off the same recorded delivery to 1st stop recoveries. How do you think the hearing will go?
  6. 2. I am aware of a company named Uncle Buck Ltd, which I understand to be a ‘payday loan company’ offering quick credit on a short-term basis. I have no recollection of there being monies owed or outstanding to this company. Therefore, I deny the alleged amount claimed.
  7. How about point 2 I say I am aware of the company named Uncke Buck Ltd, which I understand.... The rest as per you have put on point 2, then I am not denying I have used their products but am denying I owe monies? What do you both think?
  8. That's fab! Thank you! I really appreciate your time and effort at this time of night. I'll call the court tomorrow and get it straight to them. Will update you with what happens next. Many thanks to you both once again.
  9. Thanks Andy I was considering that. So it would be a matter of calling up the court and asking of the payment has been made by the claimant by the 8th June? If it hasn't been made does that mean it won't go ahead?
  10. Ok thank you. I'm sure whatever you write up will be brilliant and far better than I could do! That's exactly how I feel, and the amount of people that bury their heads in the sand in this situation and find it affects them for such a long time, it's just so sad! These companies are ridiculous!
  11. Also I referred to a Claimant reference number which was on the original county court letter.
  12. Ah that's amazing thank you! I used the county court claim reference.
  13. I have also drafted the disclosure Lost as below: Claim no: ABC12345 In the xxxxxxxx county court Claimant: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx v Defendant: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx _________________________ _________________________ ______________________ STANDARD DISCLOSURE LIST _________________________ _________________________ ______________________ List of documents to be disclosed by the claimant: 1. CCA S,77/78 request letter sent to 1st Stop Recoveries Ltd. 2. CPR 31:14 request sent to 1st Stop Recoveries Ltd. 3. Receipt of postage of the abo
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