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  1. Thanks, but I took the advice of a solicitor for those offences who advised me that it was the best course of action at the time. Endsleigh have put a hold on my cancellation and have asked the underwriters to re-refer my case so we'll see... The ultimate kick in the proverbial is that legally the 6 points are showing as expired on the DVLA database (almost 4 years old now) but of course for insurance reasons they still have to be declared (which they bl##dy were!!!)
  2. Hi from a newbie, apologies if anything is done wrong. I took out car insurance on 16th November 2015 with Endsleigh. To the best of my knowledge I filled in everything about the quotation correctly, but then got an email and letter from them on 25th November saying that my during their validation process my policy has flagged up a problem. The letter/email states that they asked "Have you, or any person.....been convicted of any motoring offence..." etc To this question I answered 'Yes' and stated the following facts (as I thought) I obtained 6 points in April 2012 for speeding (this went to court as the driver couldn't be ascertained - I run a cleaning business and various people use my cars, but unfortunately as the driver wasn't willing to 'step up' it was muggins here who had to take the rap or risk being prosecuted for failing to provide driver details ) The court date for this was Oct 2012. I personally got 3 points for a SP30 in April 2015 (my first EVER own offence since passing in 1992 ) All 9 of these points were declared. To cut the story short, the problem lies because I mistakenly told them that the date of the 6 points was October 2012, when in fact I should have put April 2012 down as that was the date of OFFENCE. I thought they wanted the date of CONVICTION, as that was when the matter was dealt with (surely I was classed as 'not guilty' until October as this was the date the licence was endorsed?) So, yes, I made a human error there. They say that had they have known I had those points in April instead of October the underwriters would have refused to insure me. This process dragged on from Nov 2015 with me sending them whatever documents they requested (by email, so I have proof of sending) and the last I heard from them until recently was on 4th January, acknowledging yet another explanation letter of mine so I presumed everything was sorted. I have been away this past 2 weeks and came back today to a recorded delivery letter and an email stating that my policy will be cancelled tomorrow as I failed to provide correct details! All I did was make a simple clerical error with regards to dates, and in fact by saying the date of conviction was October 2012 instead of April 2012 surely should show that I'm not a fraudster, as it would mean the points stayed on record for longer!!! In addition, their documents seem to only show the 6 points and not the last set of 3 obtained last April! I'm hardly likely to be on the fiddle if I'm declaring points that for whatever reason they don't have a record of!!! (It all shows up on the DVLA records though?) Can anyone help me? I have tried calling Endsleigh but they can't help with it being a Sunday - they have limited advisors available and I need my car for work tomorrow so am in a right state! Thanks for any advice
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