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  1. Indeed so it would seem. I am going to buy a house, rent it out then proceed to let myself in at 3am to watch tv as it's perfectly legal. Damn the rights I will have as a LL can't wait
  2. Ok so today LL was due to inspect the property. Upon entry this afternoon he immediately asked why he hasn't recevied his rent today. He had already texted me asking why way earlier this morning, and I'd replied stating my benefits have been suspended due to investigation. Despite this he said "right first of all I wanna know....". My response was "no u are here to do an inspection please undertake that or I will call the police." He refused to carry it out before trying to force me to talk so I phoned the police. Long and short of it, the police arrived half hour after they'd gone (him
  3. Another thing, I've been told that because he's given me notice he has the right to contact the council to get my house allowance sent direct to himself and they will oblige is this true?
  4. Thanks for the advice so far. So I received a text from LL tonight stating as I haven't responded to any of his messages he is going to be doing a house check. Now I'm aware to tell him he needs to give 24hrs notice IN WRITING, however there are cOmplications to this. What if he says he will be round at say 5pm but doesn't arrive til 6pm? What if I've had to go out after 5pm and he enters my home without me knowing? Wht if he says in his 24hr notice, he will "be round at some point tomorro after noon..."? and so on? And onto the "check" itself. Does he have the right to examine eve
  5. He delivered it himself today, through letterbox, I wasn't in. Ok so if it's two months from date of notice served, then LL expects me to pay last month's rent then rely on on him repaying 10 days of that when I leave plus the £300? Do you advise that I don't pay any further rent? Because I can bet my bottom dollar he won't be paying back anything and I don't have the funds to take him to court, it's better for me that I'm taken to court by him to recover fund rather than vice versa. It's a pretty unfair game the LL v Tenant business it seems.
  6. No there's no TPS at all. He only asked for £300 deposit (didn't go through an agent) and said he only required it in case the dogs damage anything. I recently reminded him of this in a text message and he responded that it wasn't a deposit it was a fee so as I could have my two dogs there. I disputed this saying he's lying and he said again via text that I can have the £300 back if there's no damage once I've left. Local help says that this alone is him admitting he took £300 in deposit payment, plus have bank statments to prove it. But like I say I don't think he's even aware of TPS even tho
  7. Hi, bear with me I am a single mother with 3 kids. The AST began 1st July 2014 and was 6 months long, since then it has been rolling. Notice for me to leave has been stapled to the notice to seek posession. There is a gas safety certificate, how legit the guy was who undertook that task I'm not sure, was some random guy with no credentials. So you state the notice period has to be of two paying periods, well I'm reading on other sites that the notice may be two months exact from the day of notice issued. I do indeed pay by calendar month, however. Still confused.
  8. Landlord issued a section 21 today with two month's notice stating I must be out by 20th of April. I always thought two full calendar months were required for notice? Meaning I don't leave until 30th April? The original AST was from the 1st of the month. Also the deposit hasn't been protected so technically the section 21 is void...?
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