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  1. Hi yes your right there not doctors but 2 of them are first aiders lol, went yesterday for one to one will post what happened later has im just getting ready to go there again Regards Ivor
  2. First day at Seetec today seems the letter they sent was from there head office and was just to get us there for me and a couple of others on ESA are to be treated different to those on JSA there not going to force us into work the ones on JSA are going to be found jobs there talking about next week going in from 9am to 4pm not sure if the people on ESA will have to be there, we was there about hour and half today just going through fire and safety regulations and filling in a form to claim bus fare my next appointment is Wednesday from 9 till 10 am where they will meet me on a one to one basi
  3. They look a very similar company, this will be my first meeting with Seetec so after the couple of weeks are you saying they might ask me back?
  4. Just had a look on there site (sorry cant post link till i have 10 posts or more but look up Seetec they have Health advisers and debt counsellors) it looks like it may help just hope the advisers are as good as they claim also looks like they help with debt that maybe why they want financial details, feel slightly better reading up on it but will see if it holds up Monday will try to give daily reports maybe it will help others who might have to go there
  5. Its due to start next Monday29th with a hour induction at 9am-10am then its called Gateway Employment activity from 10am till 2pm should think maybe half hour dinner break there's probably a whole lot of other people there in the same boat so its a possibility there will be a few arguments going on just hope there's a coffee machine there, will check out on other sites to find out what the pros if any and cons it might put my mind at ease
  6. Hi Nystagmite yes I'm hoping that on the first day which will start at 9am with a induction I can emplane that I cant sit to long but has I've seen on other site,s they have not got a good reputation when it comes to compensation, really I just have to wait and see what happens but it's just not helping with my depression
  7. Hi Antone thanks for the reply, yes im on the Work Related Activity Group of ESA after winning the first -tier tribunal but they only gave me 6 points but in there notes it does state if i were found capable of work this would result in a substantial risk of a deterioration in my mental and physical health problems, of course they probable don't look at the notes just whether or not they can place me on the work programme, it also looks like they don't share information with DWP that's probably why they want so much info, i will take them my benefit letter and rent, council tax letter just in
  8. Hello I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice, I'm on ESA and have received a letter from Seetec where there putting me on a two week gateway employment activity from 10am till 2pm seems a bit long for someone with disability's also there asking for information regarding income, savings outgoing like council tax, rent and partner detail's im not sure why they would want this information im single and have no saving so I'm ok there, it seems i have to go or be sanctioned they don't know what's wrong with me how can they just threaten people without finding out. its funny last Thursday
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