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  1. Hi Thanks for your response. We pay council tax & the property was built with Building Regs & a certificate supplied. We were also informed by the planning dept when they came out that no breach of planning control had occurred.
  2. How can fence cause so much agro, sorry for such long post. Around August 2014 we started to convert and old garage and workshop into accommodation for my disabled mother. The building regs guy came & said he would contact the council just incase it needed planning permission, on the lady’s first visit she just had quick look round , I showed her the lounge and kitchen area, bedroom and ensuite & showed her where the cupboard for washing machine & tumble dryer would be, she said she would need to come and inspect it when it was finished. After it passed building regs and my mother had moved in I contacted her to come and give it final inspection, she came round & saw it all finished lounge kitchen bedroom ensuite etc, she told me everything was fine, then I received letter of her 4th November 2014 – Nature of Investigation – Conversion of detached garage and storage building to habitable use: ‘I refer to my site visit concerning the above. This matter has now been investigated and it has been established that no breach of planning control has taken place. As such no further action will be taken by the planning enforcement department. Move forward eighteen months & due to bereavement my mother has moved out and gone to live with her sister. A close friend has moved in rent free temporarily I erected a fence for privacy and security for my children. And this is where all the trouble has started. The first planning officer wrote a letter (26th May 2016) stating I need to apply for planning permission for the fence adjcent to the highway & Common Lane and submit a planning application for change of use of the outbuilding into separate residential dwelling Then we have a new planning officer as the last one left. The next letter stating we need to: Remove separate postal address, signage & post box Review the number of waste bins at the property Create a large access between cottage & the house Ensure that our friend who lives in the cottage uses the main house for certain functions Also he stops paying a separate Council Tax We said that the property had been banded and so council tax would still have to be paid, to which we were told to remove the kitchen. They have since confirmed that the property is still liable for Council tax. The guy who put in the plans for our fence said there is no reason why we can’t have dividing fence. My main questions re: Am I allowed to put fence up on my property – I already have a letter stating I can put a gate in the fence, now she is asking me to take the whole fence down which is a safety issue for my children. They constantly keep changing what they want and don’t want. Now, I've had a letter stating that: We need to remove separate postal address & have post delivered to the main house. remove waste bins (which we pay for via Council Tax. Remove fence from inbetween properties & we are not allowed to put a gate in (which previously they said would be ok. & ensure that our friend uses the facilities in our house. It we do not comply with these requests then our friend has to move out. What is the point of having permission to turn it in to habitable dwelling if no one can dwell in it? Any help in this matter would be really appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the replies, its just that its £14k now for a car on hire purchase for a car that was repossessed a few months after I purchased it. The original debt was only around £1000. Does anyone know of a template to find out what charges and levies have been put on the original debt and also is there a template letter to offer an out of court settlement. What are your feelings on this? Many thanks
  4. Hi, Yesterday I received a hand posted in the letterbox an order to attend court for questioning on 28th September 2016 to provide information about the judgment debtors mean and any other information needed to enforce the judgment order. The original CCJ is from March 2011. I've changed my name and this debt and order are in my old name. They have asked me to supply documents relating to earning, bank statements, mortgage etc. These documents are all in my new name. The order states that I must obey this order or may be sent to prison for contempt of court. I'm worried if I attend court, because I am a low earner and have equity in my house that they will put a holding order on my property. Why are county courts getting involved in civil debt? I have no contract with them. Any why are they threatening me with prison if I do not obey? Is this legal? Do I have the right to remain silent in court? Would it be possible to put a charging order on myself to give any equity to my partner so that If I sell the house, the first monies will go to her? I have attached a copy of the order received. Please any advise would be very helpful.
  5. Thank you for everyone's responses. I would just like to give you all a quick update - I've spoken to someone in the Directors office at Argos, Argos are refunding my money and allowing me to keep the product. Thank you Argos
  6. It would seem that my previous post wasn't very clear. Please see attached the following: It seems that I'm not allowed to post links or any photos - so here is the product title and stock number Curve 6 Piece Nursery Furniture Set - White. Product code:377 3657
  7. Hi apologies - hopefully they are attached now, two pictures of my bed and one Argos stock photo
  8. Hi. I would like some advice please, what can I do? About a year ago I purchased the Curve Nursery Furniture set from Argos for a lot of money. It was fine and never had any problems until recently when we turned it into a toddler bed. The bed is full of holes where the screws were for the original cot design, if you look at Argos' image (attached) the item is portrayed with no holes at all - obviously a photo shopped image). Also the under bed storage drawer no longer fits under the bed, meaning I have lost a large storage area and have a huge drawer I now have to find somewhere to store. I have contacted Argos, who say that due to the length of the time I have had the product they are not willing to do anything. But, to be fair it wasn't a problem till I turned it into a toddler bed, How many other parents checked out the toddler bed upon purchase, I can't imagine anyone, but I may be wrong. What can I do to get Argos to sort my problem out. Any ideas? I'm very disappointed with the bed, it now looks
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