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  1. Thank you all for reassuring! I get on with my life then;) too bad I didn't know the forum before I received that damn letter. Thank you once more!
  2. Mr.P, It says "Have you had civil proceedings (other than a divorce/dissolution of marriage or civil partnership) brought against you?"
  3. Hello there! I've Googled previous threads on the forum regarding to RLP but couldn't find the answer to my specific case. few months ago I had an incident with shoplifting in Primark. No police were called, my id was photocopied, phone number taken, address and debit card confirmed in my bank branch (to confirm the address I suppose). I was informed about RLP (retail loss prevention; civil recovery) actions and so I received a letter few weeks after to pay a fine. I did pay and received confirmation about final settlement. Case closed. However now I woul
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