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  1. I've spoken to FOS and made a formal complaint. They have indicated that as Santander have accepted liability they should make a reasonable offer (not £1) based on average consumer spend at the time. I also spoke to Santander who said that even if I did make an SAR they would simply give the same answer, I'll then have to escalate it and ask for evidence to support the disposal of the information. They also said that they wouldn't be able to make an average award as spending on credit cards varies so much. I'll see what comes of the FOS involvement.
  2. Thank you for your quick response - I haven't made an SAR request, but intend to and hadn't thought of sending an SAR to M & S, but will also look into this, nor have I tried to access my previous NatWest Bank Account records, but will also approach them (I did a bit of "online" research and it appears they only keep records for 6 years). I'm fairly sure I took the card out in 1989 and paid it off in 1996 (as per Santander's records). I think I owed approximately £2,500-3,000 and only ever paid the minimum payment until redemption. They've based the award on a balance outstanding as at July 1996 being 15p. I will most definitely take the attitude "I will... " rather than "I doubt..." from now on.
  3. Hello and thank you in advance for any help you are able to offer. My complaint for mis-selling of a Principles Card in 1989 was upheld by Santander, but an offer of £1 has been made as they have no records prior to 23 July 1996. Does anyone have any advice about how I should proceed? Do I refer to FOS? I doubt I can obtain evidence from Nat West as I do recall payments were made by DD. I also recall I took out a loan in 1996 from M & S to repay this credit card, but I doubt that would be of any use. Advice needed - thank you.
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