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  1. Hi I have checked and checked taking vr cannot go against me. My position may go but nobody knows as the restructure proposal isn't being disclosed to us which is the annoying thing. My partner is on income based. If I go on benefits it will only be for the period of time it takes me to retrain for a job that's not so physically taxing on my back and while I wait to see my consultant. The vr is only £1300. When I complete the checker it looks like we have a joint claim on ESA. I am mainly considering this one as it might be an opportunity for me to leave my employment and access services to retrain. But only if we can live on the benefits that we will receive. Thanks
  2. Hi Thanks I have already checked and I can claim with my VR and the pittance they offer me. The thing that has confused is on the benfits calculator on Turn 2 us the HB is more than my rent which is why I am unsure of the results.
  3. Based on my current working pattern
  4. Hi I currently work for LA who are going through a restructure, I used to work full time and now part time due to my back problems. I had a discetomy back in April but I struggle with work I work 18.5 hours 5 mornings a week. It is a struggle especially as I can't take my full medication before I go to work due to the drowsiness. I have a 5 year old and live with my partner who is on ESA support group and lower dla care component. I know I physically can't carry on doing this job. I need to know where I financially stand if I had to go on benefits. The vr payment is not a lot but it maybe a good way for me to leave my employment. I did a benefits check on Turn 2 us I need to know if it's accurate. I tried CAB and they couldn't fit me in. I have a deadline for this Wednesday about my VR. Can anyone help? Thanks
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