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  1. Thanks again slick I shall wait and see if i receive any letter from them and take it from there. I will post again should I hear something
  2. Thanks for your reply slick132 The m/ship was a rolling monthly contract with no minimum period The letter was sent on 27th Jan 2016 They have called a couple of times and basically I have told them I would like a reply to my letter and as yet there has been no reply. I was told by a friend who had a similar problem to send a cheque for the £14.99 to Xcercise4less HO and a letter stating this was full and final payment. They then cashed the cheque and although they got in touch again they finally agreed that by cashing the cheque this was a final settlement
  3. Didnt want to start another thread for this bunch of charlatans and their ridiculous cancellation fees. I recently had a letter from CRS demanding payment of some £180 for 3 months payments + charges + admin fees. When i initially called them they immediately knocked the amount down to £120. when i still refused they said that is their final offer. I then contacted the gym itsself who said I should only have to pay a single months cancellation and should phone their Customer Membership Service Dept who quoted one months fee and an admin fee to buy the debt back from CRS After checking onl
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