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  1. Sorry but, "we maintain" does sound like it is the clear law. This worries me a little. Also canceling direct debit bring notice in a way doesn't sound like rock solid either. Basically I don't want to reject their offer if it is not rock solid that I am in the right, which I don't see. Once again thank you for your help
  2. Thanks, are you sure that A. The penalty fees is unenforceable, and if so why is this? Also regarding the months fee, am I correct in thinking that me cancelling the direct debit is giving notice of cancellation therefore I am only required to pay one month from that sate? It is not mentioned that I moved out of the area, is it worth bringing this up as I know xercise4less have a clause whereby you wave the notice period if you move out of the area, or something along these lines. Thank you very much for your help, I just want to be sure before essentially rejecting this offer. Will
  3. Hi, so seems they respond to twitter complaints, after a little back an forth and being asked to call the number on multiple occasions, then responding with, I will not call, I have been advised to keep all communication via email or post. I have now received this email from xercise4less (which seems like progress). Do you think I should take this, and if not what should I respond with? "Dear Mr Eastman, Will from our Member Enquiries has passed me your details to arrange settlement of your account. As your account has not yet escalated to a third party debt collectors, we can offer a settlement of £59.98. This is broken down below. Arrears (Feb) £19.99 30 days’ notice (March) £19.99 Administration Fee £20.00 Total £59.98 The included administration fee is non-negotiable and is at a discount of that which is stated in the Terms and Conditions of your contract. If you wish to make this payment you can call our Membership Support on 0113 203 8602 and they can send you a confirmation e-mail of your settlement at your request. Alternatively you can send a cheque for the amount above, made payable to Wright Leisure Ltd to our Head Office (Xercise4less, Unit 1, Kirkstall Industrial Estate, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS4 2AZ). If you are unwilling to make this payment then I’m afraid your account will escalate to a third party debt collection agency and further charges will apply. Kind Regards, Andy Evans Customer Support Manager Xercise4less Head Office"
  4. After kicking up a fuss on twitter I am now in contact with X4L , they are emailing me (1 email) and multiple personal messages on twitter. They are mainly coming at it from the direction of why I have been ignored rather than resolving the problem, they are asking me to call a helpline number. Any advice on how I should proceed with this? Thanks once again for the help.
  5. Thanks slick132, I will send this off, could you please confirm I am writing to the correct address? Harlands Finance Ltd 2 Rockwood House 9-17 Perrymount Rd Haywards Heath RH16 3TW Will
  6. Thank you for the response, yes I sent the two letters with proof of postage to Harlands and X4L as advised, I worry as they will continue to send letters to my old address (who are getting a little annoyed) and I assume will now stop forwarding them on, so I will not know what Harlands ect are threatening. I will take to twitter now.
  7. I have just received two letters forwarded on from my previous address from Harlands. - Dated 17/03/16 We are disappointed that you have not responded to our previous correspondence. The March installment has now been missed, resulting in a further administation fee of £25.00 being added. The total amount now to bring your account up to date is £89.98. Please call the Harlands Helpline - 01444 449033 to make payment by Debit/Credit Card and reinstate your Direct Debit Instruction. If you wish to pay by any other method, you must still phone us to discuss your options. The telephone lines are open 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. If you do not call us by 27 March 16, then the collection of your membership fees will cease to be administered by Harlands and will be passed to a Debt Recovery company. This may incur you significant additional fees and ultimately result in court action. -Dated 23/03/16 Further to your recent letter to our offices, Harlands can confirm we have yet to receive a response from Xercise 4 Less regarding your cancellation of your membership. Please be advised Harlands are the direct debt management company for Xercise 4 Less and we cannot cancel membership without their authorization. May we suggest you contact Xercise 4 Less directly to process your cancellation as a matter of urgency. These letters worry me for the following reasons - They are not dropping it - They are still sending letters to my old address (who are getting a little annoyed) despite being requested to send to my new address in a letter to them. - I have not received any contact from Xercise 4 Less in response to trying to cancel my membership, I do not understand how a company can simply be uncontactable and that essentially I am unable to cancel my membership (indefinitely)! Can you please help me out with these points and advise on how to proceed, thank you in advance for your help.
  8. I sent the recommended letters to both Harlands and Xercise4Less a couple of weeks ago now but have not heard anything back, really hoping they are not sending letters to my previous address. In addition I have attempted to cancel my contract with Xercise4less both online and through email requests to head office, but again have received no reply. Any recommendations or should I just sit tight?
  9. Should I also contact Harlands in any way? Or not at the moment. I have also just moved house so I assume I should notify them of this. Should this just be a simple letter or should I also refer to the fee and membership. Thank you for your help
  10. I understand that I probably am required to pay one months membership to the gym (i think it is £20) so what do I do for now, how do I pay this. I know that legally I don't have to pay the fee but don't want to with hold anything (ie the membership) that I legally do need to pay. Is there risk of this affecting my credit rating and so on?
  11. Yes all you say is true, however I think that I may be required to pay two months membership as although I cancelled the direct debit on the 2nd Feb I only informed them I was cancelling the account today, am I therefore require to pay a further month from today forward?
  12. Yes I thought as much. Am I required to pay anything to the gym, and if so how do I go about this?
  13. Thank you, so I cancelled the contract today but cancelled the last payment on the 2nd Feb (ie final payment went out on 4th Jan) so will I have to pay two more month to them ie, them previous month and now a month forward from today. I am on a rolling month contract so don't have a fixed 12 month contract. Thank you for the prompt reply
  14. I recently cancelled my direct debit to Xercise4less thinking this was an acceptable was to cancel my membership. However it seems it was not and I have received a letter from Harlands stating that I have been charged a £25.00 admin fee bringing the bill to £44.99. I cancelled the direct debit on the 2nd Feb with payments normally going out on the 4th of each month. Now does any of what they say have any legitimacy. I have read around on here and it seems I do not need to pay the admin fee (no matter how much they insist). However do I need to pay this months membership fee? I have just logged onto Xercise4less and have requested to cancel my membership with them. Can somebody please advise on what my next step should be and what I legal am required to pay. Thank you in advance.
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