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  1. Yep indeed. I'm almost glad it took this route as it has cost them more in court fees but it was a pain in the a$$ at the time.
  2. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU Well I just got off the phone to my family in the UK. After two letters arriving last week from the company referred to as Cabrot and their illegal advisors, stating they can prove I owe them money and that I should consider setting up a payment plan to avoid court action, a further 2 letters arrived Friday from both the Claimant and their solicitors to say they are discontinuing the claim. I haven't read the letter myself but it
  3. I spoke to the courts as I made an error on the form. The woman was very helpful and sent me the form by email and said I could submit it by email. She said it probably works a little better that way as the courts have proof I'm overseas too by the IP address and she also told me to submit a proof that I live overseas too. That way I can make a reasonable request to push back any hearing beyond 6 months if I need to. I may actually need to get a lawyer specializing in this involved as I am really tied up until the end of the year. Not ideal but I am a
  4. Bad News - just leaving for the airport this evening to take a project overseas the mail man comes with a letter from the courts with directions for small claims track. I am so busy with work and travel at the mo and this needs to be in by May 4th. So annoyed especially as I called the courts Friday at 4.0pm and they said they had received nothing and that was the last day for them to respond. I haven't had a response to my CCA request only an acknowledgement of my cpr31 request from their lawyers. What to do now!
  5. Oh shame - it can never go SB then. I guess they don't have anything as they'd have come up with it by now but I won't count my chickens.
  6. Quick query really... How long can a case remain stayed for? Is it indefinate or can they apply at any stage to lift it? Ta
  7. just got back from working in New York for a few weeks, I received notification from the courts that my defense had been filed and the claimants have 28 days to respond or the case will be stayed. While I was away April 6th, they sent a letter saying they haven't received any money from me and that I should set up a payment plan for the amount owed but it now includes the amount they said was due plus the court fees. I have checked with the courts, they have received nothing from them, so it is stayed. The letter doesn't even acknowledge they have tried
  8. yes sorry wrong terminology there. I meant unlawful. Are they difficult to defend dx?
  9. Aha - thanks Andy. It certainly makes for quite an interesting read. There are a couple of solicitors with blogs who specifically defend against cases brought by Cabot etc. and their blogs are an interesting read too. Now, I wish I knew then what I know now back then. I'm so glad I found this site and the subsequent information I have since found out, it's quite enlightening. I am now seeing what their next move will be with regard to that. I am awaiting for one other to surface but they have never approached me about it but that one is complex as it was for a loan and the
  10. Thanks mate. For obvious reasons, I hope I do not hear from them as this dates back to 2001 but who knows. Can I just ask what is the relevance in pre 2007 credit card agreements? I was talking to someone I used to work with today he said that a lot of claims brought to court for debts prior to 2007 are very shaky because of the PPI claims but he is a news reporter not a solicitor or banker. Just wondered.
  11. Hi Andy - I called the courts y'day and they confirmed the defense was received Friday (despite website not responding correctly). So what happens now? Is it a case of I await a reply from the solicitors with the information I have requested from the CCA request and CPR31 letters sent to them or do I need to contact the courts if I do not hear from them in order to have the case stayed? I just don't want to sit and wait and then lose the chance to make it a bit harder for them. Thanks, Mike
  12. Oh - Meadow finally took the plunge. Andy has helped me a lot so far.
  13. Filed via email now. I would have preferred to do online knowing that it is all done and complete but if I can't do that til Monday then this is the next best thing. The guy at the court did email me details for submitting online and in his email he states they have planned to have the system down Sunday and in the event it over runs, there is a back up. Other than calling to confirm they have received the email Monday, I guess I can breathe a bit for now and see what they do next. Thanks once again for all your help so far guys.
  14. This now has happened at least 10 times. I have taken several screen shots for proof. Is there a way of submitting via email?
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