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  1. Thanks for supporting words isbo. I don't understand why laws are not covering buyers properly in private sales. This drives everyone to dealers but even there you will see lot of issues then why not apply same laws across and make it level playing field. Infact, with private sales so vulnerable to these type of issues, buyers in this section actually need more protection.
  2. I already gone through them and there is no recall. It is an error code that they already have in their known list and it means go replace your clutch and actuator. My learning as first time car buyer is if an old used car with any critical component expected to be at its end of life then anyone selling it as in excellent condition without substantiating it means it is brutal lie. I probably have already proved that his sale as private was incorrect with the help of VSTAG. A private seller is supposed to prove he is registered keeper of the vehicle else he should do a
  3. Thanks bob. But what can be a genuine private sale? Can a registered keeper sell the car? if he can then can it be a private one legally? I do have a Toyota diagnosis report which does say the same N symbol issue was reported prior to the sale. Seller did not fix the problem instead erased the log so that the vehicle could be driven. Will this not stand in the court as a lie? There is no way i could have specifically enquired about this issue with the seller. He said vehicle is in excellent condition. There was no mention of any kind of issues with the vehicle. I am no
  4. Hi Group, Below I am describing events on how I ended up buying a faulty used car from a private seller (claimed in the Ad), Buying Stage: 1. I have bought a used car (80k miles) posted on autotrader as private sale for 3200 GBP in October 2015. This is my first car in UK. Advert description on autotrader said the car is in excellent condition and described vehicle features in general. 2. I went too the seller location and tested it. It was driving a bit slow pick up and jerking on reverse but otherwise car interiors and external view looked good and well maintained. 3. Sell
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