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  1. Thanks for your response. It is already in the hands of a debt collector. A customer service advisor at the DVLA told me they do not take things to court but leave in the hands of the debt collector. The debt collector told me they would take me to court only if they were instructed to do so by the DVLA so do I just keep sending letters saying I dispute it? or ignore the correspondence?
  2. No doubt this is one of hundreds of similar cases. I part exchanged my car on 25th August 2015 to a car dealer. Completed the log book properly and handed in the V5C over the post office counter at the same time as purchasing tax for the new vehicle on the day of purchase. The post office gave me a receipt which states V5C handed in. I cancelled the Direct Debit for the tax a couple of days later for the vehicle that I was no longer the registered keeper. Fast forward to January - I get a letter from a debt collection agency saying I owe £80 for an outstanding late licencing penalty which, I would like to point out never received any communication from the DVLA about this directly. This was the first time I was aware of it. I sent a letter to the DVLA explaining I was no longer the registered keeper and was not the registered keeper on the date of the alleged offence (1st September 2015). I provided the bill of sale and the receipt from the post office as evidence. Unfortunately, I had no longer got the acknowledgement letter they sent to me as I disposed of it, thinking once I had received it, all was well. I have had two letters from different depts. at the DVLA - one stating that they have updated my records and the other, to say that the original decision that I am liable still stands. Anyone got any ideas about what I should do - I don't see why I should pay for something I am not responsible for. If I had not cancelled the direct debit the DVLA would have refunded the payments anyway so surely the fact I have evidence to show I was no longer the registered keeper and that I handed the V5C to the post office on the day of exchange of vehicles prove that I am not responsible for the payment of tax on a vehicle I no longer owned!
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