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  1. Ind ltd took the debt on behalf of Lloyds tsb in 2008 and then bought it in 2011 (according to lloyds) Yes I admitted with an Income and Expend (2011) and received an installment order. The rest is correct. Sorry I dont know the technical terminology as yet!
  2. Ford, in 2011 I received a standard form from Northampton giving me the options of arguing it or admitting it, it had a form to fill in with my income and outgoings and asked me to make an offer of payment which I did. I ended up in even worse financial difficulties and just hoped everything would go away.
  3. Assuming Ind Ltd bought the debt they were the owners at the point of the 2011 ccj.. I didn't contest it (even though I didn't know they had bought it) as I panicked at the Northampton county court form, I didn't look into anything same as last year, I was too busy panicking to really think about it..
  4. Looking at it subjectively I think its a little too late now.. I agreed to pay back in 2011/2012 through Northampton and then again last year, if I've said I'll pay doesn't that negate any other circumstances?
  5. Thank you. Is it worth going through all of this now after its been to court and I've been paying the ccj since July? I didn't know that they had possibly acted illegally before now.
  6. I'm just massively confused now.. The original debt was with lloyds tsb, Ind Ltd took it on 11/08, lloyds say Ind Ltd bought the debt 08/11 while Ind Ltd says they dont own it.
  7. Ind Ltd, the company that is collecting on behalf of lloyd tsb. Although while they said they hadn't bought it, lloyds tsb who I'm on the phone to now says that they did buy it? Seems no one knows whos doing what..
  8. I've rang the court that dealt with it they said at first glance they have the latest information from the 2015 ccj but cant see the original items from 2008, he is going to have a look and ring me back Wednesday.
  9. Thank you for the quick reply, I asked them today for a copy of the original court papers and a copy of the breakdown of charges that they read out to me (which I detailed above) and they said that it would take upto 8 weeks to get copies of the original court papers.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do but I've been directed to this site just incase.. I had an old lloyds tsb credit card that defaulted in 2008 and was sent over to Ind Ltd, they did nothing for 3 years then decided to send me a ccj form from Northampton county court. I made an offer of payment which was accepted, I didn't end up paying and fast forward to 2015 I was taken to actual court and another amount was set to pay (which I have been) I rang them today to get a balance and just as an enquiry I asked for a breakdown of all the added charges as I thoug
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