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  1. No it's the store asking for me to obtain it pretty much admitted that the insurance company have very little to do with anything all very suspicious just glad I have no further ties with this company.
  2. Hi would just like to post update incase anyone is reading this post who may be in the same position as me, firstly I did as advised and stopped paying for my items I was upto date with payments before I was broken into so my insurance was valid. They tried to pressure me to pay but I held my ground before finally receiving a call from the regional manager who was really helpful. It's been five weeks now and I have still not got my like for like items but have just been told I have to get the police report myself as the insurance company can not retri
  3. Hi could they not do a re write of your contract were you pay the remaining debt at the end of your contract. Hope you get it sorted
  4. Hi Jason still not had a reply from the regional manager who said he was going to contact me on Monday. what was the reference number for that you gave me? as I don't seem to be getting very far. do you know if I can chase up the insurance my self? and how I go about cancelling all my contracts with brighthouse as I've had enough thanks in advance .
  5. How do I go about reclaiming insurance? Really just wish I'd never signed up with this company there awful.
  6. Yes I'm paying their insurance but don't see why I should be with out items for four weeks and still paying for them. Just wondering what way to deal with this and what are my rights, they say they will replace with a like for like item but when I mentioned that they said you will just have to wait!
  7. Hi not sure if I'm posting in the right place, I got broken into last week and some of the items taken were from bright house. I've been into the store and taken my crime regencies number but they are saying it can take upto four weeks to process and I must maintain my weekly payments is this correct or is there anything I can do?
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