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  1. and labelling someone for dropping a cigarette as 'a criminal'.... wow (biodegradable roll up too )...madness
  2. I disagree, & still feel its harassment.. they blend in and focus on people smoking or stand by the doorway waiting for someones receipt to get swept away with the wind...there's often signs to warm motorists that speed cameras are ahead, when the police are doing speed checks they wear high vis jackets... this is just business...or plain skullduggery
  3. personally I don't think its worth letting it go to court but if I ever spot one of these people in any supermarket carpark again I will complain to the store manager that their customers are being harassed and I'd like to think that the manager will ask them to move on, the seem to haunt places that are an easy target, it's just easy money at the end of the day
  4. I agree, he wouldn't win in court and there really isn't any point in trying....at least it was challenged and I haven't spotted any more of 'them' in sainsburys car park
  5. I quite agree with you it is utter *rubbish and I dislike the appeal process, I feel I should be able to respond rather then the only option is to go to court where a £60 could end up a much higher amount....
  6. long winded (probably template cut and paste) yet expected response to the appeal... I have reviewed the Fixed Penalty Notice that was issued to you for the offence committed on 11th February 2016 at Sainsbury’s Car Park, Upton, Wirral. I have also reviewed the body camera footage of the interaction between yourself and our officer. In addition to that I have spoken with the issuing officer in regards to their observations before issuing you with the Fixed Penalty Notice and I am satisfied the Fixed Penalty Notice was issued correctly. The fact that there is no bin within the immedia
  7. Any idea of how the law stands on stalking and covert filming??? does that not fall foul of human rights/civil liberties?
  8. Murder is illegal and the legality of murder is common knowledge....however, smoking tobacco is NOT illegal...you dafty
  9. And my point re lack of bins was to say that the council will not take responsibility for providing bins on private land so how can they issue fines on private land?
  10. If thats the case then there should be 'no smoking' signs on display, smokers are demonised from all angles (and no, I am not a smoker, I did used to be). ..the act of smoking in public is not yet illegal,,,although it's not just smoking, I found a article online where someone in wales got hit with the fine for some lettuce falling from her McD's wrap (no idea of the outcome) also a cleaner of a pub who, after discovering the pub had been broken into smoked a cigarette in the pub car park whilst waiting for the police to arrive only to have a litter enforcement
  11. Hi thanks for your comments, I will certainly let you know how it goes, I'm not hopeful to be honest but we'll see. The issue I have is it could be argued that there's a lack of bins..but as it's a supermarket carpark then it's not the councils responsibility to make sure bins are in place so how can they issue fines in all fairness, also they should give people the opportunity to correct their error knowing that the humiliation of being stopped in public is lesson enough I get the impression, from reading online that smokers are targeted, I'd even go as far as saying smokers are 'stalke
  12. I think it's very poor they have started to loiter outside of supermarkets. .often I just chuck my till receipt on top of my shopping trolly which sometimes gets swept away with the wind when i exit the store.. ..this I assume would be an offence, it seems to me that these 'companies' working on behalf of local councils have simply found a good source of revenue. ..personally the way I'm feeling is that the uniformed lady is the one that has committed the offence here, loitering with intent to extort money, harassment...erm.. ..I'm sure I can think of some
  13. cheers for the replys...according to the gov website they can't fine people on private land with out permission Issuing FPNs on private land You must have permission from the landowner or occupier before you enter private land to issue FPNs. This applies to privately owned land which the public can access. The only exception is for waste collection authorities investigating fly-tipping. They can enter private land without permission. (I can't seem to post the direct link!?!) dx yeh I'm sure, I did the appeal via the council form on their website today, tho it is a priv
  14. thank you king....yes I have emails from Sainsburys HO who actually sound pretty disgusted about it too..and rightfully so given that it's their customers getting harassed and fleeced
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