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  1. I have thought about it, and I think I just want to admit, I cant afford the defence is ther a way to cancel the defence and make an admission?
  2. OK I think Im fine now. Apparently if you choose to defend, you are not set to the end, you can just back out and accept. I think I am going to do it, what the hell, at least I gave it a shot.
  3. OK here they are sorry please delete this IMG_20070529_0002.pdf IMG_20070529_0001.pdf
  4. I am a retard it is dated april 2017 not 2018 but this is still another one, I remember that I got a default and termination of account. Sorry I am having a real difficulty with the files the manager I am running a laptop with a broken screen and I have a second monitor plugged in and it wont pop up on the second monitor so I cant use it properly. I did think that was strange, also sent me a termination back then as well. Was it not a notice of a notice for default, but an actual one. Were they not warning that they will be defaulted and terminated? If I can upload the
  5. There is no add files button by the manage attachments.... This default notice is from april 2018.
  6. I dont know if this is any good, but I have just gone through a pile of letters and I found: erudio notice of default, 18 april 2017 erudio termination letter 17th May 2017 erudio change of agency letter to capquest 6th september 2017 numerous capquest letters of settlement offer from 27th october 2017 to 3rd may 2018
  7. I can defend this on what they are claiming for, I only ask because if judgment is made against me I am terminally runied? What did you mean by the default was defective? Also MCOL website ? not sure what you mean. never mind I got the website.
  8. They sent the CCA separately, I remember getting all the thick wad a month after. I think they werent sent by recorded mail, if that matters, the person I am staying with never signed for any. Is there any way I can buy more time, perhas send another CCA?
  9. They sent me a wad of history and a copy of the SLC agreement, so they did comply as far as I could tell, of the loan that dates to october 1998 I suppose they complied in that case They sent along with it the initial documents that they sent me when my student loan was moved over to them. Which was what I did when I found out you didnt have to give them your debit details, so I kind of re-signed their stuff with minimum details
  10. I did use the SLC deferrment forms all the way though. I only stopped about, give or take a year after the move to erudio when they sent me all their guff, which was when I got their move pack (nov 2013 according to drydens fairfax letter) that I filled out at the time. Then a year later when I sent the CCA because I began investigating the debt thing and that debit details were not required on thier forms, I got back a ream of paper plus new forms to fill out and sign, which I cant remember if I sent back or not. About a few months after when I saw the limit go up and up I jus
  11. Not even close. The last amount I remember was over 2.8K per month and I have never even touched any of the thresholds.
  12. Right, thanks. I'm not quite "on form" to say the least.
  13. I got a letter from hoist finance uk holdings that is notice of assignment. It says that thy are the data controller for collecting oustanding balance, if I settle with robinson way do still have to pay hoist. I want to contact robinson way because they gave me a reduced settlement which I can pay to get rid of this. Id prefer to take them on but given my other fix, I am a bit reserved. Is it a good idea to still ontact them despite this notice of assignment?
  14. Sorry, I re read it, the particular says: -The claim is for the sum of £7k in respect to monies owing by the defendant on a credit agreement held by the defendant with studen loans company under account number xxx upon which the defendant failed to make payments. So it is the SLC one, which they are referring as customer number on their paperwork.
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