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  1. Hi Bankfodder - don't worry about offending - I completely understand and appreciate the advice that I am receiving. I am in 12 hour a day job and have to go to Bath this evening to work on a flat that has just been trashed by tenants - absolutely no sympathy vote, just a brief explanation of my circumstances. I am now weighing up driving to the midlands on Sunday afternoon to collect the necessary paperwork or go to work in the evening to download what I have here (I don't have a scanner at my flat) I have discovered the letter of complaint to the ombudsman which summarises the situation
  2. p.s. I don't have the final response from npower you asked fro bankfodder. He says he hasn't received on but I will go through the paperwork at home early next week to make sue. J
  3. This is from the ombudsman late last year - interestingly they 'I have identified no reason to doubt that the company has issued at least one accurate bill every 12 months; therefore my view is that the Code does not apply' which seems to contradict their admission in their more recent correspondence that I posted on the previous page. I will try and discover more about the original bill from the paperwork I have this evening. Thanks again. J
  4. Evening all, Thank you for the assistance Malc - I have just tried to PM you but because I haven't yet racked up 30 messages I can't If you could drop me one I will respond by email or text - however you wish. I have just received a load of information. Unfortunately I don't have the complaint to the ombudsman, but I have a response from the first complaint to them. Only have by email so another pasted link I regret. Before that though I have this correspondence from npower going back to '13 - I think it illustrates how this bigger bill from the staywarm days is being tagged onto t
  5. Hi Bankfodder - I'm on the case now. The second I have it - you will too. Cheers, J
  6. Thank you Batman and Bankfodder. I'm not sure exactly what a DSAR is but I am going to speak to my father tomorrow. I have just re-read the ombudsman's response and while it admits there were serious issues with the way npower were issuing bills, there is no clarity on the main issue - where the £5-8,000 came from? I will try and find out more about how they were calculating the bills.... picking through what I have now! J
  7. Hi all - okay this is what I have so far. Apologies I have pasted and copied but the response was sent by email so there are no hard copies that I have seen. I have just read through it and still don't quite understand why it doesn't seem to address the root problem of this sum of money that appeared? As I said the figure they want to settle it literally always different. Anyway here goes...... Bankfodder - my parents are out of the country right now but I am home on Monday eve/Tuesday where I can take the SAR and fish through it in detail. Good wo
  8. Sorry Bankfodder - I must have not been paying attention - my apologies. Also, I don't quite understand. You seem to be saying that you have had the npower disclosure since summer of last year and yet it seems you still haven't gone through it all. Is this correct - Correct, it has become more apparent that this is getting totally ontop of him and he's now so immersed in the small detail he can no longer see the wood for the trees. To be honest this is probably how it has gone on for so long; there is so much detail i am still uncovering. I have a pretty hectic job but have now realized
  9. Thanks all - the back billing issue is interesting and worth consideration. In the meantime I can attach the ombudsmans 'ruling' shortly. J ps how do I attach an image?
  10. Hi everybody, Many thanks for your help so far - really helpful so see a different perspective on this. The letter of apology and £150 compensation ordered by the ombudsman is strange , I agree Bankfodder. I assume it is some kind of acknowledgement that NPower have dealt with the matter badly but it does seem incredibly contradictory. The SAR is dated from the Summer '15 and the paperwork is impressive - I think the postage bill alone was about £20! There is just so much paperwork its going to take me some time to go through it but such is my fathers health and stress rega
  11. Hi all, I’m really hoping that one of you may be able to help me? I’m going to try and cut a very long story short so here we go with the salient points. Back in 2001 (yes, 2001!) my father who was over 60 applied for a TXU StayWarm account which I believe was government backed and enabled users electricity and gas for a flat fee of £53.20 per month. At this time he had an NPower (or their alias back then) account and notified them he would now be moving onto StayWarm and leaving NPower – I have a signed contract between him and StayWarm dated 2001. NPow
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