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  1. This road contains both private flats and social housing.


    Had an e-mail today from The housing association that own my place

    and they say that UKPC will start enforcement from March the first.



    They informed us that residents will get 1 permit per property

    but whilst the housing association has about 15 marked parking spaces,

    everyone and his wife park on the as the association refused to put flat numbers on the spaces, so it is a free for all,.



    Private flats have their spaces marked with their flat or house number but not our places.


    There are 97 flats and houses on this road but not enough spaces to go round.

    Even the 4 "visitor spaces" are always full.

    Also, many residents have more than one car!


    They have put up around 10 signs around the place, many on lamp posts

    and even 1 nailed to the wall of the associations flats!


    I sent e-mail to the County Council about the amount of signs

    and that they are highly visible from outside the boundary of this site,

    asking them if the planning department had given this company planning permission to erect them.


    I understand that if signs are put up on private ground they should not impinge on people's views outside the site.


    I'm not holding my breath.

  2. We live in a road, that is made up of privately owned houses and flats and which also contains around 15 social housing flats.

    These properties were built 5 years ago.


    This morning, a man from UKPC put up a load of parking notices, with various rules about parking in designated bays, displaying parking permits, time limits on parking in visitor bays and non return to visitor bays within 48 hours ETC.

    Charges are £100, reduced to £60, if paid within 14 days.


    None of the residents have been given prior notice that this company was going to be doing this!

    The road is a private road, operated by a separate entity to the lease holders of the properties, and is only for the 90+ properties in this road.


    At this point in time, no residents have been issued with any parking permits for their vehicles.

    It seems to us that this company (UKPC) could, in theory, start issuing penalty/charge tickets to anyone now using this road.


    Is there any legal right for residents to be informed that this was going to happen, or do the owners of the road have no legal duty to do so, other than putting up these signs?



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