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  1. Hello again, I am so sorry to have kept you waiting for months. I have been meaning for some time now to tell you that I got my money back and got my DD cancelled. I was so focused on that one thing that I completely forgot about letting you know. I had no idea it had been so long. I've had a lot on my plate recently and my health problems seem to get worse by the day. I kept on telling myself I have to check back with CAG but every time I kept getting sidetracked by one thing or another. But enough excuses. I apologise for leaving you hanging on for so long, especially after all your help. I hope you can forgive me and would like to thank you for all your invaluable help and advice. Without your input I would never have gotten anything done. Thank you one and all for helping me beat Ashbourne and get my money back.
  2. Hi slick, thanks. I didn't know I could claim a direct debit refund. I'll get on to lloyds today. Once that's done is there anything else I need to do? Or should I expect to hear from ashbourne about it? Sorry for what might be silly questions but having heard nothing back from them. .. anyway I'll let you know what happens thank you RVJ
  3. Hello, I apologise for the lack of communication; it seems I keep putting my replies to this thread in the wrong place somehow; I keep getting confused about where I'm supposed to post what so I hope this reply actually reaches you. Also sorry if I've accidentally posted the same reply 4 billion times without realising it. I sent both the doctor's letter and the letter you kindly wrote for me to Ashbourne on monday the 23rd (for which incidentally I have proof of postage). To date I have had no response, via post or email, from ashbourne. Not only this, but they have taken another £32.00 out of my account! Where do I go from here? RVJ
  4. Hi slick, I'm sorry if other messages haven't reached you; I think I may have accidentally posted them in the wrong reply box thing so they may not have been appearing in this topic. I sent both the doctor's letter and the letter you kindly wrote for me to Ashbourne on monday the 23rd of may (for which incidentally I have proof of postage). To date I have had no response, via post or email, from ashbourne. Not only this, but they have taken another £32.00 out of my account! Where do I go from here? RVJ
  5. Hi again, I sent both the doctor's letter and the letter you kindly wrote for me to Ashbourne on monday the 23rd (for which incidentally I have proof of postage). To date I have had no response, via post or email, from ashbourne. Not only this, but they have taken another £32.00 out of my account! Where do I go from here? RVJ
  6. Thank you. I will get this done on monday. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. Thanks Rv
  7. Hi, I don't mind quoting the whole thing: "I am writing in support of this young man's request to cancel his gym membership. His mental health is currently poor and it is not feasible for him to be able to access the gym at this present time." hopefully they'll accept this as a valid reason Rvj
  8. Hi slick. Just letting you know that I now have a letter from my doctor. Sorry for the delayed reply.
  9. Hi slick Sorry to reply so late. I was, as you know, about to make an appointment with my doctor and managed to arrange a phone appointment for the 20th. I came to stay with family during the week (it was my sister's birthday) and unfortunately owing to dreadful mobile reception in the village where my parents are, I missed my appointment completely. So anyway, I made a new appointment for the 10th of May. Not sure if that's leaving things a little late but it's all I can get at the minute. The doctor I want to speak to, who best understands my condition, is away until then so I think I'll wait until then. rvj
  10. Hi slick, Thanks for your PM. I don't mind discussing the details of the letter here. Basically the older doctor's note explains that my problems make it difficult for me to hold down a job and advises that it's better for me to not seek work for the time being. I don't know how well this would suit my current situation? Honestly I don't mind spending £30 to not have to give Ashbourne £120, especially if this letter is better tailored to my current situation so I think I'll still speak to my doctor, taking your advice on what I should mention to her. Thanks rvj
  11. Hi, The older letter was written in 2014 so it's due for an update anyway. The surgery charges £30 (I think that's what they said) but I can afford that so no problems there. I'm not quite sure how to ask my doctor to phrase it/what exactly it should say though; any advice would be greatly appreciated, along with the help you've given me so far. Thank you for finding the t&c for me. I didn't give Ashbourne a specific reason for cancelling; I just said I'm cancelling my membership with 3sixtyfitness and would like to cancel the direct debit I set up. I'll let you know as soon as I have the letter
  12. Hi slick, Thank you for being understanding. Quite a few people have said the opposite. I do have a doctor's note, but it was written quite a while ago, and doesn't explain exactly how things are at the moment, so I've made an appointment with my current doctor to get a more up-to-date letter that explains my situation etc. I also went to the gym and spoke to the owner about having a copy of the t&c. I kept civil and neutral despite the fact that his response annoyed me a little tbh. He told me that he doesn't keep copies of any dd mandates or contract terms & conditions at the gym whatsoever. According to him he can't have anything like that lying around for security reasons. Hmm. Apparently I'm supposed to contact Ashbourne directly and ask for a copy. I will be speaking to my doctor on the 20th and should have a note from her soon-ish.
  13. Hi again slick, Sorry for not replying sooner. When I joined 3sixty I just gave the owner my card details for the DD and that was that. I'm going to the gym either today or tomorrow to see if I can get a copy of the mandate or the Ts&Cs and go through them. As for the reason for cancelling, I am really struggling with clinical depression. I've been trying to get help from the local CMHT for over a month and I've been ignored. I find it very difficult to focus on improving my physical health when my mental health makes it a struggle to just get through the day and just seems to keep getting worse. I used to volunteer for the YMCA but I had to give it up; after I stopped seeing my psychologist in Nottingham (had to- moved to Newark) all my problems came back and hit me like a train; I had to fight myself to get up and eat, and the same thing has happened with the gym. My motivation is just dead in the water, along with my will and my ability to see the point in things. This is a weak, pathetic excuse and I hate myself for it, but I can't shake it. I hate having to reveal this about myself and I'm sorry for going on about my problems, but that is my situation at the moment. Now I know Ashbourne will refuse to let me cancel for poor mental health and fair enough , it wouldn't stop me from actually using the machines, so maybe I should just keep paying until I'm paid up and can stop.
  14. Hello again, I've had a look round their site and can't seem to find anything about cancellation. I did however find some relevant info via google and judging by that it doesn't look like I'd be able to cancel on health grounds with what I've got; my condition doesn't actually prevent me from using machines etc. Also, I had an email today from Ashbourne saying that part of the £61 I paid last month was for a late payment charge and admin fees and not two payments so I still owe them a bunch :/ I'm looking forward to having them paid off so they'll shut up. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Slick, Yes, membership admin for 3Sixty is all handled by Ashbourne. I will read through Ashbourne's rules and see if I can't find anything related to ill health. Do you think it's possible Ashbourne had told the gym leader to stay out of things? When I accidentally cancelled my standing order he said he couldn't do anything about it and that I had to ring ashbourne directly... maybe he just doesn't want to deal with them. My main reason for cancelling is a long-standing health issue that I've been trying to get treatment for for over a month now. I might be able to scan a doctors note and send it over to them; I'll have a look in my files. I will definitely be emailing them about everything from now on. Thanks for the advice. rvj87
  16. Hello all, not sure whether or not this is worth mentioning on CAG forums but will post here anyway in case answers to this question might be helpful to other forum members. I joined 3SixtyFitness, in Newark on Trent, a couple of months ago. I paid for personal training sessions upfront and also signed a six-month contract, with Ashbourne Payments for use of the gym itself when I wasn't training. I rang the gym owner today to tell him that, owing to health issues/family troubles etc. I would have to cancel my gym membership. He said that would be no problem and that I should contact Ashbourne to sort it. I emailed Ashbourne today saying I'd informed the gym owner etc. and that I would be cancelling payments. They then sent me this: Hello The contract that you signed and agreed to online is for a period of six months, to date you have made 2 payments and we require a further 4 payments in order to cancel. Many thanks Ashbourne. Firstly, this is not true. I have actually made three payments, the first two were paid at the same time owing to the fact that I accidentally cancelled my direct debit and owed them, fair enough. Another payment was sent on the first of this month through a new DD they set up. I sent them an email along with screenshots of the payments from my account (and no other details!) and have yet to have a reply. My main concern however is that they want to continue charging me for a service I will no longer use. True, they haven't made me agree to a 12 month contract, but I'm still wondering if requiring me to continue to pay on a contract I want to cancel is legit. Again, this is probably not worth mentioning, but any advice about this would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  17. Neither; I'm assuming the LA thinks that the deposit for property 1 covers the deposit for property 2
  18. Hello all, I am trying to get help with an issue surrounding my security deposit. I'll try to make this as brief as I can: I think that my former agency may have failed to protect my deposit properly, but I'm not sure: When I first moved to Nottingham I rented a property under one landlord. A month later I moved to a different property, with the same agency, but under a different landlord. The agency did not bother to re-submit a new deposit for this property. I spoke to the DPS and, according to them, "when a tenant leaves a property, the agent/landlord will need to release the whole deposit and then re-submit the deposit to us under the new address" The agency didn't follow the DPS's guidelines regarding this. The landlord of property 2 is claiming £160.00 of a deposit that was not paid to cover her property. I'm pretty sure she can't do that, but I need some form of legal advice to be certain. I tried contacting a solicitor but I just can't afford their fees. Nor do I qualify for legal aid, so I'm a bit stuck. I have contacted Notts housing advice but have yet to hear back. I would be hugely grateful for any advice relating to this, or any leads on affordable legal advice. Thank you
  19. A little backstory I left my previous tenancy in November of last year. The agency didn’t put in a repayment request for my deposit until January; too late for me to use the ADR. The landlord wants to deduct £160.00 from the original amount of £325.00. I immediately clicked “dispute”, of course this was ignored and the request for £160 was resubmitted. Now: The following “reasons” for the deduction are as follows (quoted directly from an email sent by an agency representative): 2 x Walls required re-painting, appeared you had attempted this and check out was done when paint was wet, on drying the quality was not in keeping with the condition of the walls when the room was let.* This is considered tenant damage/tenant repairable/chargeable. The mattress and bed base required replacement – this is considered a landlord expense, fair wear and tear. A hole was found in the wardrobe – this was not noted on the original inventory so considered tenant damage/chargeable. Room and windows required re-cleaning. Are these legitimate reasons to charge £160? The agency hasn’t provided any itemised invoices, reciepts or quotes, something I think they’re required to do? Are they essentially trying to charge me for redecoration? Also, can they assume that I was responsible for the hole in the wardrobe door?* I’m not, but I don’t think I have any evidence to dispute that, unfortunately, however the inventory at check-in made no mention of any damage to any part of the room. I think the only thing they can charge me for is cleaning costs, but I’m not sure. Incidentally, I think it’s worth noting that the deposit paid is actually for a different property. When I first moved to Nottingham I rented a property, through the same lettings agent, at 160 Burford road, under one landlord. A month later I moved to 44 Maples street, again with the same agency, but under a different landlord. Can the deposit be transferred between properties? The rent was different for both properties so should I have had part of the deposit returned? Not sure if that makes any difference. Apologies for the long post; I tried to cram in as much relevant info as possible. Any help/advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
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