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  1. ok great i'll go and look thankyou
  2. I don't i'm afraid i even requested a payment card to use at the local shop but never go one, its as though they are trying to avoid me not me avoiding them.
  3. I have twice first time they said they'll send collector and second time they said no for some reason which i still can't understand, but now they won't talk cos they said its all in lowells hands, its not as though i haven't shown willing and made attempts to rectify it, but still them saying they don't show id cos its not company policy as me confused somewhat, i thought that everybody that comes to a persons home shows id unless its [problematic] that call.
  4. I have had over £500 worth of loans from what was originally greenwoods but they merged with provident so i'm told. So when my original caller quit after the merger provident sent 5 different callers over a 7 week period and each one i asked to see their identification as anybody would, but each one of them said we don't carry id as it isn't company policy, so i told them no id no payment. They could have been anybody and i don't pay to anybody on my doorstep without id. In recent months i have been recieving letters from lowell threatening court action and bailiffs, and i told them same as i
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