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  1. sorry I don't know how to it just says manage attachments but doesn't let me
  2. No it doesn't say any of that it just shows me the price of my finance etc about my car, my addres etc but nothing about it being a HP agreement etc but I know I didn't take out a loan for this as I bouht the car from Motor Range and then was put to Black Horse for my finance
  3. Hi in regards to this. It not a personal loan so it must be HP. I have received default notice and only letters about my arrears Agreement has not be terminated Need to check how much I have paid No insurances to agreement
  4. Hi I wonder if anybody can help I really need some assistance. I bought my 08 fiat Punto in 2012 and was paying £101.00 per month which was fine but I then got into some really bad financial difficulty for the last Id say 9-10 months I haven't kept up to date much and have been paying them a reduced payment of £30.00 as I just coulnt afford it sometimes I couldn't pay them at all but most of the time I have paid them £30.00 due to my circumstances so I am now in about £867.00 of arrears. I want to go back to paying £100 a month they are
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