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  1. Hi I have an update on this but it's not great news, the Financial Ombubsman have said that DLC are in the right to collect this as it was sold to them by CIS. I am still querying the amount as the Woolwich confirm the loss to them was just under £14000 but DLC say the debt came to them at £22000. The Financial Ombudsman have told me that CIS was not regulated at the time of the sale & are no longer in business but they are going to put this in writing to me with some advice on where I can try & find more info regarding CIS! This was yesterday I had this conversation &
  2. Hi yes I haven't made a payment since April. They have sent me copies of the mortgage application & copies of the details from the sale Which states the loss to the Woolwich but they have stated they have no credit agreement which they have requested from Barclays. Do they have to provide me of how they obtained this debt? Thank you.
  3. Hi all I have finally received some info back regarding this just need a little advice in where to go now please? Barclay say they confirm the ownership of the shortfall was transferred to Counselling Intermediary Services in Dec 2000 & can confirm payments of £1240.00 made to them & now due to passage of time & that the possession proceedings were completed prior to Barclays ownership of the Woolwich they are unable to provide any further info. DLC have replied saying the remaining balance is £9948, balance at assignment was £20963 dated Dec 2003! They
  4. Thank you both , I have already sent a SAR to Woolwich they only replied with the letter I advised you of. I will now send one to Hillesden / DLC do I enclose a postal order of £10?.
  5. Thank you for looking, I think Hillesden & DLC are the same company. I'm really at a loss as where to go from here I called DLC & said that Woolwich confirmed the shortfall was only £13,729 so where did they get the balance of £20,962 from they got really arsey & said oh maybe a mistake was made!! ! I hung up in the end because she was no help what's so ever & I just said I would put it in writing to them. With a SAR is it the original credit agreement they have to provide because DLC has supplied me with a photocopy of the mortgage appl
  6. Hi, I have received a letter from Barclays which states "this letter is to confirm that the Woolwich are no longer pursuing this matter & our records indicate that this matter was passed to Counselling Intermediary Services Ltd to recover in December 2000". I did make payments to this company but I am unable to find anything from them that tells me the debt was passed to DLC or Hillseden! CIS Ltd don't seem to be in business any longer. I have finally received a statement from DLC with regards to the outstanding balance, they are saying I still owe £9,948,
  7. I can't believe this can happen, I have been so stupid! Thank you for all your help, I am going to stop payment to them & write to them again demanding a statement of all payments I have also spoken with the Financial Ombudsman who are going to send me out some paperwork to complete. I will keep you updated on how I get on, thanks again x
  8. Hi CIS are counselling intermediates service I was originally paying them years back, DLC say they are collecting on behalf of Hillesdon/Woolwich!! I think I read that Hillesdon & DLC are the same company. I will wait for paperwork from Barclays thank you once again!
  9. Hi I have some news I have spoken with Barclays today who confirmed my debt was sold to CIS in 2000 the last payment made to them was in 2004 & as far as they are concerned I owe the Woolwich/Barclays nothing! They are going to put in all in writing to me. Can anyone suggest how I deal with DLC who I have been making payments to since 2004 & according to them my balance is £10,000, Barclays confirmed all I ever owed them was £13729.80! Thank you in advance!
  10. Hi, just a little update to see if anyone can offer any more advice, after sending both Barclays & DLC letters requesting all the information & only receiving a photocopy of the mortgage request & the details of the repossession from DLC, still nothing yet from Barclays. I wrote to DLC again telling them they haven't complied with my request as they have not supplied mw with any statements or details of when they obtained this debt. I have today received a letter from DLC telling me that my debt has now been sold to ME III Ltd however all commu
  11. I have never received any statements from DLC, I did ask them to provide this & they only supplied me with a photocopy of the mortgage & the repossession details.
  12. Hi, I have received some details back from the DCA but still nothing from the Woolwich, there are a few more days before they have to reply. I am still very confused from the details from DLC, they have sent me a copy of the original mortgage paper work & also the final statement for the possession it states the loss to the Woolwich was £13729.80, There is a breakdown of costs & this amount of £13729.80 says total unclaimed. Would this be the amount I owed? DLC have not advised me of any dates when this debt was sold to them, I'm still not
  13. I know I have been such an idiot I completely panicked at the time & was just happy to be free from my ex. Its taking me a long time to actually look at sorting this out. I am going to send the SAR to Barclays today just to see what they put back in writing to me. If I stop paying the DCA can they issue a default?
  14. Hi I have a similar problem but going back nearly 20 years, any help would be great. I bought a house with a partner & left after a year we decided he would keep the house if I signed it over to him this wasn't fully completed , I was very young & stupid! This was back in 1997/8 I moved on & after a few years received a letter from a debt agency saying I owed £27,000 for a mortgage shortfall this was around 2001. I contacted my Ex who told me it was nothing to do with him I left & he went bankrupt so not his problem. I panicked as you
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