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  1. ok so cancel my last post. I rang Robinson way this morning and requested manager ring me - they have just rung me and apologised it should not of gone this far and have agreed to my offer! Thats 2 days and 1 sleepless night taken from me.
  2. HI Im a new user here! Help! Have received County Court Claim from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd on behalf of Robinson Way/Howard Cohen and Co for £1568 plus £621 interest for a debt that was with first Direct. Was with MKDP LPP but obviously have sold it on to Robinson Way . Had no problems with MKDP previously and had made payments so its not statute barred. Have offered a min payment and sent financial statement as requested but their response was for me to call them to discuss further (i wrote them as don't like to have anything not in writing) They did not respond and have passed it on to Howard Cohen who have in turn issued County Court Claim. Anything i can do to stop it going to court, I don't think i can dispute the debt but i am aggrieved that i have done everything that has been asked by offering a payment. I have other debts and they have all accepted my offers previously so was not expecting this to go this far! is it too late to ask for CCA Request? I don't recall have a Default letter but it may of been sent years ago by original company? thanks
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