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  1. @Bazooka Boo I've had a good look and don't believe I have. @ slick132 I agree, I was unwise and foolish. No, I never expressed my concern (other than to other members), lessons are being learned now (teach a man to fish etc). Distance: 5.4 miles, previously: 1 mile.
  2. This was another reason for cancelled the gym, I have moved to the next town over to live back with my mum but I am still registered at the address I signed up to as my children and their mother still live there. It was a Aspirations Wellbeing gym
  3. I think it was but I can't remember in all honesty... Gym was a local council gym "CREDITOR: Cultural Community"
  4. Hi, Hoping someone could help me, I've had a good read on the forum but can't find anything similar to my case. I joined gym/swimming pool and ended up going fairly regulary for 3 months (in a 12 month contract). The swimming pool kept being closed or out of use when I visited in the evening so after a while I decided to just cancel my DD. I didn't give any notice and am now being asked to pay £300 by Spratt Endicott within 7 days. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
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