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  1. No, it's too late. Can you answer my question, above please. I'm running out of time.
  2. Hi Ganymede and BazzaS, Ganymede, you are right. Iam not getting into 'wasted costs', as this is not what I want to claim for. I want to counterclaim for the financial loss caused by the wrong CCJ brought about by his first bogus claim. Just one example: flat was £269,000 in Jan, 2015 and now it's £320,000 in the same development. So I lost £50,000. What is reasonable to claim for? £10,000? 20,000? The fee for filing is pretty high, so I woouldn't want to waste money. Realistically, would the Court award me losses in the amounts above? I need to decide today.
  3. Sorry, I cannot. The Order says that if there is a counterclaim, it has to be filed by Friday 12 Feb. I'll give an example: In Jan 2015 I paid £2000 reservation fee to buy a flat for £ 269,000, which I could not buy due to the CCJ. Now it is £320,000. How much can I claim in damages for this lost opportunity that cost me £50,000?
  4. Hi Andy, Agent wants to pursue a new claim and on this basis I got permission to counterclaim for the damage caused by his initial bogus claim. If 'counterclaim' is the incorrect word, then I'll file a claim for damages, but my problem is how to quantify the above-mentioned loss? I hope this is clearer.
  5. Hi Ganymede, I don't believe you realise the level of frustration I and my family went through during all these financial refusals, then two hearings, money spent on applications and loss. Why should I have to go through this due to a rogue agent? I'm sorry, but your answer is not helpful at all;in fact, it's irritating. Put yourself in my shoes! Unless you can offer some advice regarding my question, I will not reply to you.
  6. Here's a list of financial opportunities that I missed out on because my applications were declined: - could not remortgage our home to use the equity to buy a flat - Jan 2015 price was £ 269,000. Now it is £320,000. - could not take out a loan (£15-18,000) to pay for house improvements. - could not get a new mobile phone contract - could not open an ISA account How do I move forward from here?
  7. Hi, My claim would not be just for wasted costs, but for the loss the wrong CCJ caused by the agent's action caused me. How do I put a £figure on this loss? Has anyone done this to tell me where to start? Monday is my deadline. Thanks
  8. Hi Andy, Judge said I could counterclaim. Either that or starting a new claim for damages caused by the wrong CCJ, my question remains: How do I quantify the loss? Can I claim for distress, or just pure financial loss? Thanks
  9. Hi Andy, Thanks for getting back. During the Hearing to 'set aside' I proved that the claim was fraudulent, as I was not transacting with claimant and owed no money. For lack of evidence from claimant that I owed him money, claim was dismissed, but I was given permission to counter claim. That's why I need to meet the deadline.
  10. I had really bad luck with a letting agent. We went once to Court, that now finished. It's only important because he had my correct address used during that claim. In 2014 he made a new claim against me and gave an arbitrary address for me, not the correct one. I didn't get any Court papers, but I had a CCJ entered against me. I was refused the re-mortgaging of our home, a new phone, a loan to take advantage of a property opportunity. The CCJ was set aside, but it cost me the fee and time wasted in Court, plus the bad credit and distress. I want to make a
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