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  1. Thank you so much for your help
  2. Hello citizen B, Thank you for your help , yes we have the agreed amount in writing ,i will try and see what i can do with the letter not very good at modern technology, i will also try and claim back the PPI, Thanks again
  3. The loan was on a 10 year bases , no idea why Skye loans took it over just got a letter in the post about a month ago saying your loan has been transfered to us Black Horse no longer do Loans , yes we have pp on the loan with a few years as yet to pay we missed a few payments away back last June due to unemployment but to catch up we asked Black Horse if we could pay extra to get out of any arrears they were very helpful and said yes , now Skye Loans are not so helpful very worrying indeed
  4. hi ,we have a secured loan off just under 5,000 from Black Horse which is now been taken over by Skye Loans we purposed to pay it at 150.00 per month but they have refused and added charges off 53.00 can any one help please
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