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  1. no, i was going to pay the vat until they said i have to py admin fees
  2. UPDATE: Received a new letter form them stating: We are instructed by our above named client with regards to the amount outstanding as detailed.(£25.18) The sum remains unpaid despite several request for payment from both our client and us and is now seriously overdue. You will already have received details relating to the outstanding debt which our client deems you are liable to pay. Given the period of time the sum has been outstanding, consideration of the intervention of the county court is being considered. Such action would involve the issue of a claim for the principle of the balance owed along with an application against you for repayment of the court issue fee our client would incur and interest at the current county court rate ( This amount is calculated from the data upon which payment fell due) Itemized below are general documents that may be relied on in Court, copies of which would form part of any proceedings a)Copy invoices b) Copy airway bills(where applicable)???? c) dairy notes of our collection attempts. if you wish to avoid this action being considered we request that you make contact with our offices by telephoning 0845 680 8798 or provide a full written response to our claim within the next 14 days Please be advised that this communication complies with current pre-action procedures and guidelines, full details of which can be found at:- .www justice gov uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/pd_pre-action_conduct As such no further communications are required by our offices prior to a claim being issued, we ask that you take this opportunity to make contact with us in order we can attempt to resolve the matter without the intervention of the court.
  3. hi, i made a purchase online for a set of dust filter for my computer from south africa to the UK, i made the payment and payid for shipping for £21, i assumed this was to take care of the import fees, i received the package, a couple of days later i got a letter from DHC saying i owe them VAT of £17, i emailed asking how they came to £17 and they replied saying that i was being charge £7 VAT and a £10 administration charge cause they paid the VAT when they picked up the package, this is the first time i've made a purchase abroad i was a bit peeved they were making me £10 pounds when i already paid for shipping i understand they wanted me to pay the VAT which i would of done, but because of the administration charge i felt cheated. i decided to ignore the payment, weeks later i got a new letter from a company called control account PLC saying they now own the debt and have added their admin fees to the payment of £10 and said i should no longer contact DHC. the new charge was £25. i received this letter late so i missed the window to make they payment, and then received a letter this week saying "that i must pay the sum of £25 within 14 days or this matter will be passed on to our legal department, At this time litigation may commence with a County Court Judgment sought, the cost of these proceedings would increase your current liability with judgment in place, would allow enforcement action to be taken. This is your final oppprtynity to remedy this matter prior to further action being taken" what should i do?, its already to late to pay it back, whats the worse that could happen?, what is likely to happen. any advice would be really appreciated, i'm really worried Thanks
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