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  1. Andrew1402, if you can guarantee on players it's fun. Just it's not fantastic when things go wrong! Then obviously the league organisers react as described. Bankfodder, thanks. I've gone through all of them but none seem to show a resolution.
  2. Hi everybody Looking for some advice. Read a few threads but no answers. In November me and some friends signed up for a 5a side football league. We signed up online and ticks a box which states: I accept full responsibility on behalf of my team to fulfil and pay for all fixtures for the season. I accept that once the fixtures have been done I cannot withdraw until a replacement team has been found. I agree to XXXXx's terms and conditions, and agree to abide by the rules of the competition. I am aged 18 or over. I read the terms and conditions and accepted. On the league advert, they also show two different costs. £30 and £28 Week one, we played and paid the match fee of £30. Was told there was 8 teams in the league. Week two, we played and again paid the match fee. However the teams had increased now to 10 teams in the league. we played a further 5 games and missed three fixtures, brining our total of games to 10 Knowing we missed a game, we was aware of the 'double match fee' and was expecting to pay £60. At no point was we asked for this is the following weeks of attending. We decided that we did not want to continue anymore so got in touch with the league and expressed we would not be able to fulfill fixtures and would be resigning. Knowing we would owe some money, I had an invoice arrive at my address saying we owed a 'single fee for the first missed fixture' and 'double fee for the second missed fixture' expecting to be charged £90. But in fact it was £108 A week later, I received a second invoice. It makes no reference to the first invoice. Instead now says: Fail to fulfil fixture- single fee £36 Fail to fulfil fixtures on xxx date and xxx date- double fee £120 Remaining games to end of season- 11@£60 £660 Total owed £816 My queries: 1- there is no date to pay stated, just a 'contact head office immediately' 2- on the league table, my team has played 9 games despite playing 10. So we have 8 remaining. £480 owed 3- when signing up, I joined a league and not a cup, yet we were added in for two weeks of cup fixtures. An extra 2 weeks worth of fees. 4- as described, first week there was 8 teams, second there was 10. In essence, does this technically mean the league have added on an extra 4 games and their fees onto our seasons costs. As when we registered, there was 8 Thanks for any support given
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