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  1. Hi Guys, Just an update, I contacted LA and spoke to a very nice lady who was surprisingly understanding she accepted an offer from me of £60 p.m and phoned my work straight away to cancel the order. I have slept a lot better since. Thanks for all your help
  2. Yes phoned today, they are phoning me back tomorrow so I will let everyone know
  3. Hi yes, as I say I dont earn that weekly as yet I have not earned enough to pay tax, this week I only earned £120
  4. No it is a weekly payment, I only started the job September so nearly half way through the tax year that why I havent/wont earn enough.
  5. Thanks for the replies, Bailiff advice, my payments are usually around 350, I have not been taxed at all because I have not earned enough but I think tax will start April, the figure is after NI, I get paid weekly...... I am more worried about my rent as I am on a suspended warrant after getting into difficulty with the last zero hour contract I had, I am at my wits end now, I cant afford to pay that each week, my life is complicated but I dont want to put too much on the forum about my circumstances, I am not entitled to any benefits
  6. Thanks for the relpies, dont know what I am going to do as I fear I will fall into the 17% on each order being deducted, I cant sleep worrying about how I am going to survive. The other orders are from around 2010, 2012 and 2014 I think, going to phone bailiffs tomorrow and tell them I cant even contemplate paying them at the moment
  7. Hi thanks for reply, the other summons sent to bailiffs are for different years, thanks
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me Over the years I have got into a lot of debt with council tax mainly because I have moved from job to job, anyway I have a 0 hour contract and usually earn around £350 a week ( when I work) I can then go 2 weeks without any work so I always budget my money to last me in case of no income on future weeks. The council have just placed 2 attachment of earnings on my wages, for CT due from 2006!, which I think allows them to take between 12 and 17 % of my earnings for each order, this will leave me struggling financially as my rent is £130 p.w so I always make
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