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  1. I got a letter from Dukes Bailiffs regarding a a debt of £1412 owed to Worcester City Council. During my investigations I find out that I have a CCJ with the exact same amount so I believe this is related to CCJ. I have contacted by letter Dukes and the County. Do I have to contact the courts as well? And if this is indeed the CCJ? How can I prove I do not owe the money? This is dated from 3 years ago. I never received a court summons. What do I do? I am now writing a letter to the Courts as well. I do not believe I owe this money. How can I prov
  2. Hello again Seems I jinxed this a bit. We have managed to transfer the balance of his Vanquis credit card to a Halifax credit card at 0% interest in the first 18months. I guess his credit got better. He has now paid off his Capital One and he is on his way to clear his debt by paying his Halifax balance transfer in 18 months. But unfortunately we received in the post a letter from Dukes Bailiffs looking for what I believe his CCJ debt. We dont even know whether it is that or not but the amount of money seems to be. We have sent letters to council requesting proof
  3. I thought that if he hasnt been chased for these 6 years then he definitely does not have to pay for it. but now im confused
  4. I'm not sure I understood. You mean his credit file will be even worst if I close his account? And I know the ccj that is forgotten after 6years and he doesn't have to pay. But I've heard that it won't help his mortgage because they will know he didn't pay... And our rates might go crazily high or it will have to me the only one doin a mortgage
  5. we stayed away from debt management plans right now i paid one of his CC and he is paying me off, asked to cancel his account by writing, waiting on response at the moment. only one card left to pay I wrote to vanquis to cancel his ROP, but intend to pay it off too because his credit rates are horrendous. he was worried with the fact that canceling his cards would affect his credit rate, but honestly i think his credit rate will never be any better if it takes him years to pay a debt off and in the meantime he gets no more money left for nothing i believe it will
  6. Thanks DX Im not sure why you saying for me to open a new thread for each debt? To look into what? mmmm the SAR is quite expensive. I cant afford give that money to him and I believe he cant give it out either!!!
  7. Ok What is this SAR? And you say to look into this forum for what they say about each creditor? He gets his paper statements each month for the credit cards but he bins them!!! I want to kill him sometimes. He gets a I think a quarterly statement from Amigo but I think I managed to save that one from the bin lol We dont have statements for Advance Finance. Only the loan agreement.
  8. I see. Yes thats what I thought. They all are enforceable. We are not using any DMP provider at the moment. Or PPI companies either. You reckon I could keep my head down unless they realize it and start chasing us? Then what do you recommend to do? And as for that Barclayscard under a dmp provider. No one has chased us and they are not showing up in Experian or Noddle only showed up on the IVA draft Knightsbridge sent us with the address for the dmp Watch portfolio. And when I contacted the Watch portfolio they said my BF was not on their system. So Im
  9. I have already sent a CCA to each one of them. Thats when one of the creditors cleared one of his debt (Lowell). And another said he wasn't on the system and it is not showing up on Noddle and Experian so we are not worried with this one (Barclay Card). All the others he is owing money to them (Amigo, Advance Finance, Vanquis and Capital One) and he is paying them monthly. The only thing I could not send a letter to was the CCJ. Now I have a number so I can ask about it. We never made payments into the CCJ, and he is owing 1500 so far that I know of. It is what is
  10. The only people who are not aware of his new address is the CCJ. All of his credit cards and loans have his address updated and everything is being paid up to date. He has no arrears, no late payments, just a stupid high interest in his both credit cards but he is paying them. He been doing over time everyday and working saturday and sundays. He is definitely trying and although he is very laid back and might not be capable of working this out Im wasting my time trying to help him out. He owes total around £10,000. His CCJ is around £1500 We were told because o
  11. Do we have to inform them of his new address? I mean he never had letters from them. We couldnt even find out the number for his CCJ. Now should we get a copy and inform them of this address? Can they figure it out he has a new address by being registered in the electoral roll?
  12. Thank you so much for your replies. They led me in the right direction. I went on Noodle and this credit check came saying he has indeed a CCJ. Using trust online with the address from ccj in the process on noodle that says the ccj is there. My question now is they have all the updated addresses on credit check and he is registered to vote so they have his new address but they haven't bothered to chase this up. The ccj dates from 2013 I'm Wondering whether to leave things like this and wait for 2019 or get him to sign into an iva and sort this for good on
  13. Thanks for your reply! Im really not thinking of going with the IVA. I do not have anything regarding the CCJ. There is no number on the draft just address. I have not sent letters to Barclays yet. Only the company that took over this Barclays debt and they said he is not in their system. His debts: Vanquis credit card Capital One credit card Lowell - we got a letter from them saying he owes them no money anymore so no debt Barclays card (he was not aware of this) CCJ (he was not aware of this) Advance Finance - his car Amigo Loans - with a guarantor I
  14. Thank you Neil. I will have a look into both.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I have not made any inquiries. I just run a check. Do you think whoever might start chasing us? Even when we run a credit check and it describes my boyfriend with no problems and with a good score? If he had indeed anything I would have preferred if I had run a check and it would be there, but right now I am confused as hell and my boyfriend is hopeless he never kept papers on anything so I really cant check anything.. . And I never trusted these guys. They are doing their jobs and they are paid to get our money. Unsure really what to do n
  16. I thought Experian is one of the best. DO I need to run checks on all of these companies?
  17. Hello Im not even sure where to start. But a year ago me and my boyfriend tried to rent a house and he was declined because they said when they run the credit checks he had a CCJ. This was done with Experian. He was not aware. He knew he had some arrears with housing benefit but he thought all was sorted. For the last couple of months I start nagging him to try and get his stuff sorted out. We contacted DMC who sent us to another DMC and said our way out would be an IVA. When we got the IVA draft I saw several companies that my boyfriend owed and be
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